‘GTA V Online’ update brings six new contact missions and double rewards

'GTA V Online' update brings six new contact missions and double rewards

GTA V Online has rolled out loads of fun content featuring brand new contact missions as well as experience and reward boosts.

Rockstar Games definitely know what its fans want when it comes to GTA V Online. The company has been known for its dedication to bringing updates and new content to the game. Now, they have rolled out a new update called “Gerald’s Last Play,” and here’s what players need to know. 

It’s all about Gerald

Rockstar Games has added a series of contact missions titled “Gerald’s Last Play.” The missions basically revolve around the character of Gerald, who was an associate of Lamar Davis A.K.A. Franklin Clinton’s best friend in the GTA V campaign.  Basically, Grand Theft Auto V Online players would have to do some jobs for Gerald as he and The Families suffer some setbacks in his business in Los Santos. 

There are a total of six contact missions that can be taken in any order. The first one is called “Make Ends Meat,” which is basically a take-down mission wherein players will be tasked to deal with Gerald’s enemies while stealing a cook-sheet from a slaughterhouse belonging to the rival gang. 

The next mission is called “Go Figure,” and here, players have to find a van containing action figures filled with cocaine stashed by Gerald’s rival dealer. In “Fast Peddling,” Gerald faces a bit of a problem with a biker gang as they try to undermine his business. The goal of the mission is to steal some supplies from their businesses as a form of warning. 

The next two missions, “Deal With It” and “Bad Companies” are mainly a search-type quest finding a missing product in the former and staking out the rival boss’ hideout. The latter, however, shows Gerald finally having enough of the rival gang and GTA V players have to help him take them out. 

The last mission, “End Product,” is basically Gerald trying to sell all of his merchandise, and the goal is to make sure that everything proceeds as planned. 

Seeing double

GTA V will also be handing out double cash rewards and Reputation Points in the contact missions as well as other tasks within the game. Players can either play the missions solo or in a group of three. 

This double rewards event will last from April 23 to April 29, so make sure to keep an eye out on the iFruit. Not only that, but GTA V Online is also offering triple bonuses on cash RP for the Open Wheel Races, and the Associates and Bodyguards too will see their salaries tripled. 


Images courtesy of Rockstar Games/Twitter

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