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‘Guardians of the Galaxy 3’: James Gunn movie to use ‘The Mandalorian’s’ tech


James Gunn’s GOTG 3 movie, the upcoming third MCU installment in its series, will use The Mandalorian‘s virtual set technology.

According to Comicbook, GOTG 3 movie will be using the impressive virtual set technology of The Mandalorian. It was vital in the Star Wars show’s great filmmaking and continuing production despite COVID-19 last year. And now, James Gunn’s next Guardians of the Galaxy installment will also take advantage of this exceptional technique.

“GOTG 3”: Early movie details

A big reason behind The Mandalorian‘s colossal success has been a new technology by Lucasfilm. It’s called StageCraft, which allows in creating backgrounds on the set itself. In this way, there isn’t much post-processing work left. And eventually, it results in an excellent output also. GOTG 3 will now use this same technology because of growing COVID-19 cases once again. Using StageCraft will indeed reduce the stress of going to multiple locations. Because with its help, director James Gunn will be able to shoot all the scenes in a single place.

Like Star Wars, Marvel Studios’ title will now benefit from this crucial and helpful tech. Before GOTG 3, Thor: Love and Thunder were also confirmed to use StageCraft. Interestingly, Thor 4 director Taika Waititi previously worked on The Mandalorian as well. Talking about James Gunn himself, then in a recent media interaction, he said that his film would use it “some. where it fits.”

Moreover, the Suicide Squad director also confirmed another essential piece of information. His Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, for Disney+, will tie directly into Vol. 3. The latter is still going through many delayed schedules since it was first announced a few years ago.

Upcoming MCU titles in next phases

Meanwhile, an immense cinematic universe in the world, at the moment, is trying its best to maintain the flow of upcoming projects. Due to COVID-19 and its adverse effect, multiple MCU entries are moving at a slow pace. Although WandaVision has begun the flow of fresh content, the pandemic is still there. And that’s causing a lot of delays when it comes to other upcoming shows and films.

Black Widow, Shang-Chi, and Eternals are the current unfortunate movies that might not see a theatrical release. Cinema halls are closed across the globe, and people are not going to theaters in large numbers. It may result in a digital premiere, no matter how hard it will be for Marvel Studios. Fans may also miss the experience of witnessing MCU entries on a big screen. But that’s the situation right now, being inevitable.

Apart from the titles mentioned above, the impact of Coronavirus will also push future movies further. For example, Black Panther 2, Captain Marvel 2, Blade, and GOTG 3 will arrive unexpectedly late.

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