Gwen Stefani allegedly caused rift between Blake Shelton, ’The Voice’

Gwen Stefani allegedly caused a rift between her boyfriend Blake Shelton and The Voice.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton met on the set of The Voice. However, according to one tabloid, the Hollaback Girl singer started a rift between Shelton and the show. Check out the truth.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton on The Voice

Two years ago, RadarOnline published a report claiming that Gwen Stefani was coming between Blake Shelton and The Voice executives. The outlet maintained that the No Doubt singer caused bad blood between her beau and the show creators.

The publication claimed that there was tension when the show planned to replace Stefani with Miley Cyrus. It reportedly left the country singer “very resentful” toward the show.

However, Gossip Cop debunked the claim. According to the rumor-debunking site, the story was “inaccurate.”

Also, RadarOnline has a questionable reputation when it comes to reporting false stories about the couple, Gossip Cop notes.

Shelton asked Stefani to leave The Voice

Meanwhile, Life & Style made another claim about the couple and the show. According to the outlet, Gwen Stefani left the show because Blake Shelton asked her to do so.

Stefani reportedly left “for the good of the relationship.”

“Gwen and Blake don’t fight much at home, but when they were on The Voice they disagreed and butted heads a lot,” the unknown source said.

However, according to Gossip Cop, the claim was not true. Stefani did not leave the reality singing competition because of Shelton or to save their relationship.

Shelton and Stefani often have witty banter on the show that is flirty and friendly at the same time.


Shelton wants to leave the show

RadarOnline also claimed that Blake Shelton wanted to leave The Voice. The Nobody But You singer was allegedly not happy because Gwen Stefani was no longer part of the show.

The claim was also not true. Shelton is still part of the show. It’s also not true that he was resentful because NBC didn’t invite Stefani back on the show.

Gossip Cop stressed that there was nothing true about the rumor.

Shelton and Stefani rumors and wedding

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani were subjected to non-stop rumors.

One tabloid claimed that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton were trying to have a baby via in-vitro fertilization or IVF. A shady source told OK! that they were having a miracle baby after spending $230,000 for the treatment. However, the claim was also not true.

Meanwhile, one source told Us Weekly that the two have been talking about marriage. Shelton and Stefani will allegedly have two wedding ceremonies. One will be held in Los Angeles while the other will be in Oklahoma.

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