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Gwen Stefani cancels wedding to Blake Shelton after fighting over $250M prenup, political views: Rumor


Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton won’t, allegedly, tie the knot anytime soon and it’s not because of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Us Weekly, the couple is facing a slew of problems right now. Gwen Stefani and Shelton can’t, allegedly, agree on anything.

Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton feel suffocated with each other

A source claimed that after the couple spent so much time together in quarantine, they couldn’t help but feel suffocated. In fact, Shelton has, allegedly, become so stressed and tired that he frequently goes for long walks to blow off steam.

The insider also claimed that the couple has been feuding over their $250 million prenup and $13.2 million Encino mansion.

Did the couple call off their wedding?

The tensions between Shelton and Stefani have, allegedly, become so intense that they decided to cancel their wedding.

“As of now, the wedding is off. Gwen and Blake have put their plans on hold for the foreseeable future,” the source said.

Gwen and Blake feuding over their living arrangements

There are also claims that Shelton doesn’t want to stay in Encino for good because he prefers to be in Oklahoma. Stefani, on the other hand, allegedly, wants Encino to be their primary residence.

“Blake’s uncomfortable with uprooting and winces at the thought of Oklahoma becoming his second home. As much as he recognizes the need to have a base in L.A. for work, Tishomingo is where he feels he belongs,” the source said.

Stefani, allegedly, enjoys going to Oklahoma, but she is happier to be in Encino. However, Shelton, allegedly, resents the area big time. While at the lavish property, the country musician, allegedly, spends a lot of time in his man cave instead of with his girlfriend.

“Gwen wants to embrace the move so badly, but Blake’s become pretty withdrawn, and that’s been hard on her. Things have been difficult,” the source said.

Does Blake Shelton refuse to help his girlfriend at home?

The No Doubt singer also, allegedly, feels as though she’s doing everything at home. Other than homeschooling her kids, she is also gearing up for her return to The Voice.

While Shelton will also return to The Voice next month, he doesn’t, allegedly, help with Stefani’s children’s homeschooling.

“Friends say this move has turned into a nightmare because they’re fighting over every little thing,” the source said.

Couple’s different political views causing a strain on their relationship

On top of all these, the couple is also, allegedly, fighting over their opposing political views. The source claimed that the only reason why Stefani and Shelton still haven’t tied the knot is that they disagree on so many things.

Stefani is, reportedly, a supporter of Barack Obama, and she isn’t afraid to get into political arguments with her friends and family. Shelton, on the other hand, is more conservative.

“Can you live happily ever after with someone who doesn’t agree with you on so many fundamental issues?” the source said.

However, one should take the claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt. The only reason why Gwen Stefani and Shelton’s wedding hasn’t pushed through is that they have yet to get engaged.

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