Gwen Stefani overbearing, controlling to boyfriend Blake Shelton rumors debunked

Gwen Stefani overbearing, controlling to boyfriend Blake Shelton rumors debunked

Gwen Stefani was allegedly overbearing and controlling to her boyfriend Blake Shelton that he wanted to be free from her.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have been together for five years already. But multiple outlets claimed that the Hollback Girl singer is very controlling. Gossip Cop investigated the claim and here’s the trueth.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton still look happy and in love

National Enquirer claimed that Gwen Stefani was keeping her boyfriend on a short lease. In fact, his friends were allegedly already complaining because they had not seen him.

Stefani allegedly had enforced rules that Shelton had to follow. The tabloid added that Shelton had a hard time adjusting to being in a committed relationship.

Gossip Cop debunked the report because they are already together for half a decade and they are still happy and in love. The rumor debunking site also questioned the claim that Shelton had a hard time adjusting to a committed relationship because he was married twice before Stefani.

Blake doesn’t need an escape from Gwen

Life & Style also claimed that Shelton was feeling smothered by his girlfriend. It alleged that Shelton was using his time on The Voice as “sweet escape.” But now that she is back on the show, it puts a strain on their relationship.

Gossip Cop said the tabloid miscontrued Shelton’s words. Also, in one teaser released a month ago, Shelton was visibly happy that he could work again with Stefani.

In one scene, Stefani used a T-shirt gun to give the newest team member a shirt while maintaining social distancing. But the machine didn’t work and she attempted to walk, to pick the shirt and hand it to the participants.

However, Shelton was quick to rescue his girlfriend, he appeared with a hand-shaped grabber with a long stick and handed it to Stefani, so she didn’t have to walk near the participant.

Also, they are already living together. Just last month they moved to their new family home which only showed that Shelton doesn’t need to be free from Stefani.

Gwen not jealous of Kelly Clarkson

Globe claimed that Gwen Stefani didn’t trust Kelly Clarkson. She was allegedly jealous when the American Idol winner called her boyfriend about her rocky marriage. She was pissed when Shelton started texting and calling Clarkson to comfort her, according to an insider.

But there is no bad blood between Stefani and Clarkson. In fact, in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, both talked about their heartaches and respective divorces.

Stefani teased Clarkson’s fans about her new songs. She also somehow encouraged Clarkson to just carry on because “everybody gets to the other side eventually.”

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