Gwen Stefani feels insecure over her extreme hair loss: Rumor

Gwen Stefani feels insecure over her extreme hair loss: Rumor

Gwen Stefani is, allegedly, experiencing extreme hair loss.

According to Star, years of hair treatments and dyes have taken a toll on Gwen Stefani and her hair.

Gwen Stefani insecure over her extreme hair loss

A source claimed that the No Doubt singer feels insecure about her hair loss. And she’s, allegedly, wearing wigs to get by.

“She refuses to have any roots, so she dyes it every five to seven days. Her stylist comes to the house. Only the front of her hair is her own. It’s more natural if you leave that out and have the back be a wig,” the source said.

Gwen Stefani insecure over her extreme hair loss

Rumors debunked

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt because there’s no proof that Stefani is suffering from extreme hair loss.

And if she is, there’s no proof that she’s feeling insecure about it. After all, Stefani still looks as stunning as ever in her photos and public appearances.

Gwen Stefani calls off her wedding

Meanwhile, Stefani also made headlines this week amid claims that she has decided to call off her wedding to Shelton.

According to Globe, the singer has been flip-flopping over where she and her fiancé should tie the knot.

Stefani, allegedly, told Shelton that they should just have a small wedding at a Mexican resort amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Shelton is, allegedly, on board with whatever Stefani wants. But his only concern is that the singer will change her mind again in the coming days.

“She’s got him so mixed up he can’t think straight. For the longest time, she wanted the Hollywood-style wedding with all the bells and whistles and was very particular about details. Now, she’s telling him to ditch those plans, which have already cost them a small fortune and book a trip somewhere exotic so they can just ‘get it over with.’ He’s saying he’s fine with it as long as she’s sure this time,” the source said.

Blake Shelton turns into groomzilla

Last week, Globe also claimed that it is Shelton that’s been driving Stefani crazy due to his obsession with having the perfect wedding.

“He’s been driving everyone crazy with his jitters and a short fuse, and the way he barks orders at his crew just shows how anxious he is to make everything perfect for his bride,” the source said.

However, there is also no proof that this is what’s been having between Gwen Stefani and Shelton behind closed doors.

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