Gwen Stefani irritated with Blake Shelton having cold feet in marrying her debunked

Gwen Stefani irritated with Blake Shelton having cold feet in marrying her debunked

Gwen Stefani is allegedly irritated with Blake Shelton having second thoughts about marrying her, according to one tabloid. However, another outlet said that it’s not true.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are allegedly having issues because they aren’t on the same page when it comes to marrying each other. One of them is allegedly having second thoughts. Gossip Cop investigated the matter, and here’s what if found out.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton fighting over wedding rumors

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have been together for five years already and many are already looking forward to their wedding day. Although the two are a picture of a happy couple, sources claimed that their relationship is strained. Shelton is allegedly having cold feet at the thought of marrying again after going through divorces.

And Stefani was allegedly irritated that he couldn’t commit. In Touch quoted an insider claiming that there is tension between the couple because Gwen Stefani is fed up waiting for Blake Shelton’s proposal.

The anonymous source added that the country singer was dragging his feet about getting to the altar for the third time. He already went through divorce twice, so he is hesitant in tying the knot again.

The outlet also claimed that aside from their conflicting perspective about marriage, working together seemed to not work for them. Also, they just moved to their family house in Los Angeles. But it allegedly exposed Sheltons’ dislike of living in L.A.

Rumor debunked

Gossip Cop refuted the claims because Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton appear perfectly content and happy with their relationship with or without a ring. Also, In Touch made the same claim before alleging that Stefani was upset about Shelton’s refusal to propose. But it didn’t provide any evidence to support its claim.

As the claim that working together and being in lockdown doesn’t do them a favor is not true. Stefani spoke about their time during the quarantine, and contrary to what the tabloid claims, they were very happy to be spending the time with each other.

“It’s been pretty magical for Blake and I and the kids because we don’t ever have that much solid time together,” Stefani said.

“We did do a lot of fun stuff. We did a lot of cooking.”

Also, Stefani and Shelton love working together. In fact, they met and fell in love on the set of The Voice. In the first official trailer of The Voice season 19, Shelton helped his girlfriend gave the newest member of her team a shirt while maintaining social distancing.


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