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Gwen Stefani pregnant with twin girls after three years of IVF: Rumor


Gwen Stefani couldn’t, allegedly, be more thrilled to know that she’s pregnant with twin girls.

In May, Star published a dubious story about Gwen Stefani saying that she’s been trying to get pregnant with Blake Shelton’s baby for years.

Gwen Stefani conceived twin boys via IVF

And after her three-year IVF journey, the couple is so excited to find out that not only are they expecting a daughter together, they’re going to have two.

Since the tabloid doesn’t have any proof of Stefani’s alleged pregnancy, they included a convenient line in their dubious story.

Their unnamed source claimed that The Voice coach is keeping her pregnancy a secret from her fans until she’s six months pregnant.

At this point, the No Doubt singer will no longer be able to hide her pregnancy because her baby bump would already be showing.

Where’s the singer’s baby bump?

However, the tabloid first published their twin pregnancy story in May. This means that by now, Stefani would’ve already been six months pregnant if she’s really expecting.

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a pregnancy confirmation. And Stefani doesn’t also have a growing baby bump to flaunt.

Last month, Stefani and Shelton announced that they’ve gotten engaged. If they’re expecting twins together, this would’ve also been the perfect time for them to share the news.

Gossip Cop also pointed out that in the photo that Gwen Stefani shared on Instagram post-engagement, it’s evident that she doesn’t have a growing baby bump.

More Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton baby rumors

Tabloids are seemingly rushing Stefani and Shelton to have a baby that’s why they’ve been concocting all these lies about the former’s pregnancy.

In August, Life & Style claimed that the couple is expecting twin boys.

“Their IVF journey was very trying. They’d given up hope a few times. There were many highs and false starts, with plenty of heartache in between. She says God clearly wants her to raise a boy, so she’s just going with the flow. Blake’s joked about how, with two more boys in the house, Gwen will really be outnumbered now,” the source said.

Us Weekly also claimed back in August that the couple was thinking of baby names after Stefani conceived their first child naturally.

But if Stefani was pregnant in August, more reputable sources would’ve already reported on her pregnancy. The fact that there’s still no proof confirms that she’s not expecting.

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