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Gwen Stefani returns to ‘The Voice’ to spy on Blake Shelton, Kelly: rumor


Gwen Stefani just announced that she will be returning to the upcoming season of The Voice.

Shortly after, Globe claimed that Gwen Stefani decided to return to the hit NBC reality TV show to spy on Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson. However, no concrete pieces of evidence can confirm that these hearsays are correct as of this writing.

“Gwen won’t let Kelly and Blake out of her sight! She’s not taking any chances!” the unnamed source said, as per Globe.

Gwen Stefani allegedly reminding Kelly Clarkson of her place

The insider also claimed that Stefani wants to remind Clarkson that Shelton is her man. As such, the No Doubt singer has, allegedly, become more expressive on social media.

Stefani and Shelton also purchased a three-story $13.2 million property in Los Angeles. And the source said that having a home might encourage the couple to finally tie the knot.

“This whole thing may be finally pushing them to make it official. Between the lockdown and Kelly, I wouldn’t be surprised,” the source said.

Kelly Clarkson allegedly calling, texting Blake Shelton nonstop

Last week, another source told the tabloid that Clarkson has been calling and texting Shelton after announcing her divorce from Brandon Blackstock.

“I get why Gwen’s pissed. Suddenly Blakes on the phone and texting to comfort Kelly – who just happens to be attractive and talented,” the source said.

Blake Shelton allegedly feels smothered by Gwen Stefani

Life & Style also published a phony story about Gwen Stefani and Shelton. The tabloid claimed that the country singer asked his girlfriend for space. However, no concrete pieces of evidence can confirm that these hearsays are correct as of this writing.

But the insider said that Shelton feels smothered by his girlfriend. After all, they practically do everything together.

“Gwen wants to be with Blake 24/7 and although he loves spending time with her, sometimes it can be too much. They live together, they record together, perform together, and now they’re going to be working together on TV again. It would be a lot for anyone to deal with,” the source said.

The insider added that Stefani didn’t take offense with Shelton’s request. In fact, the singer knows that if she clings on to her boyfriend too tightly, she could risk losing him.

Rumors debunked

Stefani and Shelton started dating five years ago. And the couple most likely knows each other well enough.

As such, it is unlikely for Gwen Stefani to be smothering Shelton. And she isn’t also suspicious of her boyfriend’s friendship with Clarkson because they’re also good pals.

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