Gwen Stefani wants fiance Blake Shelton to ‘get fit’ rumor debunked

Gwen Stefani wants fiance Blake Shelton to 'get fit' rumor debunked

Gwen Stefani allegedly threatened her fiance, Blake Shelton, to get in shape, according to a tabloid.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton announced their engagement in October. However, one tabloid claimed that she wanted him to be fit.

Gwen Stefani allegedly threatened Blake Shelton

Two years ago, National Enquirer published a report claiming that Gwen Stefani gave Blake Shelton an ultimatum about his body. The Hollaback Girl singer was reportedly sick of him gaining weight, so she threatened to split with him if he didn’t lose weight.

The outlet quoted an anonymous insider saying Stefani adored Shelton. However, she allegedly “demanded he hit the gym or hit the highway.”

Meanwhile, the tipster suggested that she was concerned about Shelton’s body because she wanted to have a baby with him. However, she was concerned that he would not be healthy enough to look after their baby.

“Gwen was furious that Blake doesn’t want to take better care of himself, creating the possibility he may not live long enough to see their child grow up,” the tipster added.

Blake allegedly gave in to Gwen’s request

Blake Shelton reportedly wanted to make Gwen Stefani and made a change in her diet. The country singer ditched “steak, fried chicken, mac and cheese and vodka” and started dieting and hitting the gym.

Shelton gave his best shot, but he ate burgers and drank beer when he was on tour, and Stefani was not around, the dubious source added.

Rumor debunked

Gossip Cop debunked the report saying it was never true. The rumor-debunking site also stressed that, unlike the report, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are happier than ever.

Stefani’s spokesperson also denied the report saying it was false. Two years later, the report has remained untrue. Shelton and Stefani are still together and are even engaged.

Also, it wasn’t the only rumor involving the couple. Gwen and Blake are constant subjects of tabloids. In fact, Globe also claimed that Shelton was freaking over Stefani’s new recordings. He allegedly didn’t want her to collaborate with other male musicians. He was reportedly jealous of the thought that she would be working with other men.

Meanwhile, an anonymous source claimed that there were rumors about Stefani making a duet with Harry Styles and The Weeknd. Her friends allegedly disapproved of it because Stefani is a “known flirt.”

The report is also not true. Stefani is working on her comeback album, and it will be inevitable for her to work with men other than Shelton.


Image used courtesy of Entertainment Tonight/YouTube Screenshot

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