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‘Gwent: The Witcher Card Game’ gets an expansion with ‘Master Mirror’


CD Projekt Red’s trading card game based on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s mini-game, Gwent, is getting an expansion as it officially announced ‘Master Mirror.’

The proclaimed expansion will roll out at the end of June 2020.

A New Deck of Cards

When the updated content arrives, the game will see an addition of 70 new cards. All of which centers around the franchise’s iconic villain, Gaunter O’Dimm—the titular Master Mirror himself. Players of The Witcher 3 would recall O’Dimm as the driving force in the events that took place in the Hearts of Stone DLC.

While most of the cards are specific to a certain faction, 11 are making for a universal availability. Meaning, these 11 new cards can be included as part of any deck, regardless of the faction.

Making for an interesting addition to the game’s overall card selection is a dynamic Legendary card that grows in power during combat. Not only does this card augments in the damage output it inflicts, but it also changes appearance to coincide that as well.

However, cards are only one aspect of the expanded content. Adding a layer of complexity in the overall game is a slew of abilities and statuses that influence gameplay experience.

Fresh Coat of Paint

Fans of the game will have to wait until the end of the month to experience the new content. But that does not mean that the upcoming content cannot be owned as early as now.

As the game anticipates the release of the latest expansion, the company has added unique offerings at the in-game store. If purchased, these give the players a fresh set of aesthetics that relates directly to the incoming expansion, whether it be Gaunter O’Dimm himself as a leader skin or the Master Mirror-inspired card design.

When the Master Mirror expansion pack releases, it makes for a following to the Journey Update. The previously massive update which the game got back in April 2020.

Now Exclusive to Just PC and Mobile

Originally playable across multiple platforms, including current-gen consoles, CD Projekt Red pull back support to the console versions, citing the difficulty of maintaining parity of contents across variants.

Console players of Gwent fear of losing their progress. However, the company offered a solution by letting existing players port their progress from console to PC or mobile.

Players who chose to move to the PC version may do so by carrying their saved progress over to a new or existing GOG account, but with the caveat that the said GOG account is not merged with GWENT. Lest requiring such users to create a new GOG profile.

Image used courtesy of Gwent/YouTube Screenshot

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