GWENT: The Witcher card game now on Android

GWENT: The Witcher card game now on Android

GWENT, the Witcher card game, has now officially arrived on Android-powered mobile devices. As confirmed on its official website, the game can now be downloaded from the Google Play store.

Before its debut in the Android platform, GWENT used to be only available for PCs and iOS mobile devices (iPhones and iPads). But with the expanded availability, fans of the card game who own Android devices can now download and play it, even against other users who are using PCs or iOS devices.

A promise fulfilled

It was almost a year ago when CD Projekt Red, the video game developer behind GWENT, had officially announced that the card game would be landing on smartphone devices. 

It took some time before the fantasy-driven game was able to launch its mobile version. Around seven months later back in October, it was at last released on iOS devices just a couple of days before Halloween:

Building on the TV show’s momentum

Just to be clear — even before the Netflix series came to be, The Witcher franchise already has amassed a considerable population of diehard fans who were enamored of the character- and world-building done by author Andrzej Sapkowski through a series of novels and short stories in the 1990s.

Those same fans would then be treated to an action RPG version released more than a dozen years ago, not to mention the sequels that came years later, most notably, the hit The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. By the way, those wanting more The Witcher goodies can check out their recent free content.

But with the release of Netflix’s adaptation last December, the fantasy franchise would then gain even wider exposure, especially among subscribers of the streaming giant who weren’t necessarily fans nor familiar with Geralt’s adventures (or misadventures, if you will).

The debut of GWENT on Android should not only keep existing Android-using fans of the franchise happy but also attract new ones who want to give the card game a try, now that it is on their mobile platform.

Cross-platform appeal

One of the cool things about GWENT is its cross-play compatibility. Before, users on PC could challenge friends on iOS devices to play the game. Now that the game is also available on the Android platform, players can just challenge each other as long as they use devices that are compatible.

Speaking of which, per the official announcement, GWENT on Android is compatible with smartphones and tablets that run on Android 7.0 or newer, and with a minimum of 1.5 gigabytes of RAM. 

Furthermore, in honor of the Android release of the card game, players who log in to the Android version before the end of the month will be getting an Ultimate Premium Keg, free of charge. As for those who have pre-registered earlier, they will be getting the Imperial Golem avatar right after logging in.

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