H1-B Visa: Indian IT stocks hike after blocking of the Ban

As a Federal Judge of the US Court blocks the H1-B Visa ban by US President Donald Trump, the Indian IT stocks witness a rise of 5%. The order comes after the President allegedly exceeded his constitutional authority.

H1-B Visa: Ban or Boon for Indian stock market

IT stocks rallied up to 5 percent on Monday’s trade screen. This hike comes after the federal judge temporarily blocked US President Donald Trump’s ban on work visas. He supports by saying that such “a radical change in policy” can not serve the public interest.

Indians comprise the biggest nationality of H-1B visa holders, receiving over 70 percent of the visas. The ban leads to an impact on the issuance of 85,000 new H-1B visas owing to the US fiscal year, which begins from October 1.

On Monday, shares of companies like Wipro were trading a 5.48 percent hike at Rs 330.15. TCS grew 4.25 percent to Rs 2,629.85, Infosys climbed by 3.02 percent to Rs 1,048.40. HCL Tech also saw a gain of 2.34 percent to Rs 831.75, and Tech Mahindra saw a steep growth of 1.31 percent to Rs 833.40.

The Order of Donald Trump

The Order from the US Court comes amidst the ongoing Presidential Debate of 2020 Elections. District Judge Jeffrey White of the Northern District of California issued the order last Thursday, overthrowing the ban by Donald Trump.

Companies contended by the National Association of Manufacturers, National Retail Federation, TechNet, and US Chamber of Commerce filed for a lawsuit against the Department of Commerce and Homeland.

The Court order places an abrupt pause on a series of Visa restrictions. Consequently, these restrictions prevent the manufacturers from filling important and rare job opportunities to support the economy when needed.

The initial H1-B Visa ban

Due to the plunge of the economy by COVID-19, the US president had issued the ban. The ban was an executive order to put a temporary hold on issuing the H1-B and other foreign Visas.

The bar was levied to save and protect the job of the State for its domestic workers as the unemployment rate further hiked due to the prevailing pandemic.

Though, several IT firms and US companies opposed the Presidential move. Few manufacturers even took the case to court. They argued that the restrictions are undermining the industry at a crucial time and conflicts the law.

“We are competing with the rest of the world to find and develop top talent to support innovation in our industry,” says the NAM Vice president and general Counsel Linda Kelly.
“Today’s decision is a temporary win for all the manufacturers committed to building that innovation in the United States.”

Overstepping the legal Authorities

The Federal judge declared the ban on the grounds of the US President exceeding his constitutional authority. Judge white elaborated by saying that the President doesn’t have unbridled control. It’s not in the President’s power to set up a domestic policy with the employment of non-immigrants.

The judge further comments, ‘Such a finding would render the President’s Article II powers all but superfluous.’

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