Hacker leaks Daniel Hosting’s Dark Web database

A hacker recently leaks the entire database of Daniel’s Hosting, one of the largest hosting providers on the dark web.

Cybersecurity experts suggest that the hacker has been on Daniel’s Hosting’s system early this year. Initial investigations reveal that the breach took place on March 10. The dark web host reports that the hacker took control of the database and erase data in all of its servers.

Two weeks after the hack, Daniel’s Hosting ceased operation and shut down its services. To prevent further compromise, the firm urges its users to migrate their websites to a different host.

Prominent dark web host

Daniel’s Hosting is a prominent hosting firm for dark web services and websites. The firm hosts tens of thousands of websites. As a result of its closure, more than a third of all dark web portals are now inaccessible.

Daniel’s Hosting provides its hosting services for free. This is why the firm attracts a lot of websites and dark web services. It is also known as the host for many cryptocurrency forums, exchanges, and platforms.

This is the second time hackers target Daniel’s Hosting. In November 2018, a rouge hacker breach the firm’s database and deleted all data. However, while the attack was massive, the hacker did not dump any data.

Ties to Anonymous

The hacker uses the pseudonym KingNull. Many in the hacking community believe that the hacker has ties to the hacking collective Anonymous. The group is known to target illicit dark web activities and websites, evidence to this is the recent database leak.

The actual purpose of the leak is unknown. However, evidence suggests that it is part of a bigger effort to take down illegal dark web sites and services.

Whether the hacker has ties to Anonymous is not surprising at all. The hacker group has a storied history of targeting child pornography and illicit operations on the dark web.

Reports reveal that the database leak includes more than 8,000 private keys of domains with ties to dark web sites. More than 3,000 email addresses, and 7,000 passwords are also part of the data dump.

The database dump can help authorities track down operators of illegal activities on the dark web. However, the database dump also affects legitimate websites and other services.

Daniel’s Hosting owner Daniel Winzen claims that the firm’s IP addresses were not stolen. Winzen adds that he is working into restoring its services but did not provide set a date when.

Image courtesy of Kevin Ku/Unsplash

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