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‘Haikyuu’ Episode 24 teases a much intense fight between Inarizaki, Karasuno High


The match between the Inarizaki and Karasuno High is inching toward the end, and things will be pretty intense in Haikyuu Episode 24.

Titled “Monster Ball,” Haikyuu Episode 24 will see both teams giving their all to win the fight. They both smell victories for themselves with a very close match. However, with just one wrong move, one team may lose it all.

Episode 24 official synopsis

The official website of the anime series drops the new episode’s official synopsis. Here, it teases that one more point, one of these two teams will finally reach the victory.

“After rushing into Deuce, the battle continued in the tension of winning or losing with one more point,” Haikyuu Episode 24 official synopsis read. “The fierce battle against Inarizaki, the match will be a total battle of both teams!!!”

The new episode’s theories, assumptions

The bets are now on between the Inarizaki and Karasuno High. Fans are now casting their theories and assumptions on who will win between these two.

In Haikyuu Episode 24 preview, Miya Atsumu is seen holding the ball and preparing to serve, Epic Dope noted. Inarizaki will then take the lead, while Atsumu seems to sense what will happen next as the match continues.

Knowing that Atsumu loves volleyball so much, he is more than willing to face the opponents. He still has a longstanding rivalry against Nishinoya, and he is about to show the volleyball monster in him.

Episode 23 recap

In the previous episode, Inarizaki High took the lead with just one point after Kita joined the match.

However, knowing that he is a defensive player, he asked coach Kurosu if it would be good for the team to send him in. As a top offensive player, Kurosu wanted Kita to keep an eye on the Miya twins, per International Business Times.

Elsewhere, Suna noticed Tsukishima started losing stamina, to which the latter agreed and walked away. Karasuno then tried to perform a synchronized attack, but Tsukishima and Kageyama failed to follow.

Tsukishima lost the hold of the ball and also a point. He then blamed himself and wondered how Hinata managed to execute high jumps.

Anyhow, Kageyama defended Tsukishima and even praised him for setting the ball high, but he still got a spike between Omimi and Ojiro.

Meanwhile, Toru Oikawa watched the fight through his phone while he was out on the run. However, he looked annoyed when Karasuno High returned to the game.

As the match continued, fans could expect a tooth-and-nail fight in the coming of Haikyuu Episode 24 on Friday, Dec. 11.

Featured image used courtesy of Pikawil from Laval, Canada, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

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