‘Haikyuu’ season 5 resumes production, release date might drop soon

The team behind Haikyuu recently revealed that the anime series’ production has resumed. It means that a premiere schedule might drop anytime soon.

A month ago, the sports anime series Haikyuu announced its season 5 delay. The fifth installment was originally slated for a July 2020 premiere. However, just like most of the forthcoming titles, the unprecedented health crisis has taken a toll on the show’s production.

COVID-19 has taken a toll on Haikyuu season 5

Haikyuu’s official website and Twitter account have previously confirmed that the series’ fifth run will be delayed until a later date. According to the announcement, the show postponed its premiere to better protect the health and safety of all those involved with the production.

Production updates

As of press time, there is no new release window or date set for Haikyuu season 5. However, it seems that a premiere schedule will drop anytime soon since some parts of Japan have already lifted quarantine directives. Moreover, some members of the team behind the anime shared some production updates. 

Yoshiki Kobayashi, a music producer in Japan, informed Haikyuu devotees that recording for the season’s soundtrack pieces has already commenced. In his official Twitter account, he revealed the exciting news with a photo of composer Yuki Hayashi lying down on a couch. Kobayashi further stated jokingly that Hayashi was channeling his inner caterpillar.

Kobayashi’s update was later on followed by Asami Tachibana’s announcement. She wrote on Twitter:

“This is the first day of recording the soundtrack for Haikyuu season 4B and it just finished. It’s been a while since I began lockdown because of the Coronavirus.”

Tachibana is also a well-known composer in the music industry along with Hayashi. She was put in charge of recordings for Haikyuu‘s new tracks after working for famous anime franchises. The list includes Mobile Suit Gundam and Star Twinkle Precure.

What to expect

In the previous season, the volleyball team Karasuno finally made it to nationals after excelling in difficult situations. Hence, in the preceding installment, fans can expect to witness the rest of the team go against the powerhouse schools of Japan. The roster includes Nekoma, Fukurodani, Inarizaki, and Kamomedai.

The fifth installment will also feature fans’ favorite duo, Hinata and Kageyama, Karasuno’s captain and libero, Sawamura, and Nishinoya. Moreover, Tsukishima’s blocks, Yamaguchi’s pinching serves, along with Asahi and Tanaka’s attack, will score tons of points for Karasuno.

More about Haikyuu season 5

According to Haikyuu’s production team, the upcoming installment will not bear a new name as per the old trends. Instead, it will continue with the name Haikyuu To The Top Season 2. But Netflix will adapt it and will stream it online as Haikyuu season 5 after the season ends.

Image Courtesy of Noctrick/YouTube Screenshot

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