Valve releases ‘Half-Life: Alyx’ official soundtrack today


Valve released Half-Life: Alyx’s official soundtrack today on Steam, which is a surprise. However, at the expense of Gabe Newell, the release became episodic.

The Half-Life: Alyx OST came out with its first chapter entitled Entanglement. The audio release comes with nine tracks, all in 320K MP3 and FLAC format. Fans are expecting at least 10 more tracks after, with a far different music style.

Valve legends worked on Alyx OST

Chapter One: Entanglement comes from long-time Valve composers Mike Morasky and Kelly Bailey. Both Morasky and Bailey worked on many of Valve’s game audio. Apart from Half-Life: Alyx, they worked separately on Half-Life, Portal, Left 4 Dead, and CS:GO.

The release announcement for the soundtracks came out of the game’s official product news. In it, they noted that the music comes from different pieces representative of the game.

“We will be releasing all 11 chapters of the soundtrack over the next few months on Steam,” the post said. “If you purchase the soundtrack, it will update with each release and you will get the new chapters automatically in your Steam Library.”

Entanglement’s genre is an eclectic mix. Valve describes the soundtrack as a combination of many “cinematic pieces”. It mashes “electronic, experimental, industrial, and orchestral styles”.

Alyx soundtrack brings fans back to invaded world

The original soundtrack is not disappointing at all. The musical movement is gritty but distinct, representative of the world ravaged by the Combine. The first track, “Exposing Hostile”, is industrial and carries fans back into City 17.

As the tracks move to the fifth track, “Engage. Quell. Inquire.”, it’s easy to feel the change in pace. The electronics become more hostile and robotic, moving towards oppressive. Everything mellows out, but severe ominousness carries through.

By the time listeners move to the last track “From Here to There in Under a Second”, a low, mesmeric fade comes out. Everything runs a good 21 minutes, with “Coetaneous Entanglement” clocking 8.5 minutes.


Every track has Morasky’s fingerprints on it, being the lead composer. He catches the style Bailey used for his previous works, but adds his own flair. It leaves listeners wanting more of Bailey’s signature, but doesn’t deter from the experience at all.

Fans are expecting more of this style of music from Valve. The only humor people can find in this is if Gabe Newell stops adding tracks after Chapter Two.

The Half-Life: Alyx soundtrack costs $10 on Steam and streams on Spotify too. Players who bought the game can get a 25% limited time offer.

Images courtesy of Half-Life:Alyx Soundtrack/Official Steam Listing

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