Hallmark’s ‘When Calls the Heart’ season 8 renewed amid the Lori Loughlin scandal

Hallmark’s TV series, When Calls the Heart season 8 is officially returning to the home screen, just a year after the Lori Loughlin scandal.

Set in the 1900s, the Canadian-American TV drama series is a story of a teacher, Elizabeth Thatcher in Hope Valley. The series debuted in 2013 and has become one of Hallmark’s well-known shows.

The announcement was made by the main cast, Erin Krakow, during the finale of When Calls the Heart season 7. She revealed the series will be returning next year.

“From my heart and home to yours, I’m thrilled to announce the all-new season 8 of When Calls the Heart, coming next year”. 

Although the series will be renewed, another main cast, Lori Loughlin, who played Abigail is unfortunately not returning.

When Calls the Heart season 8 to film without Lori Loughlin

Lori Loughlin who was involved in a college scandal together with her husband had been immediately dropped from Hallmark.  She and her husband had allegedly paid $500,000 to William Rick Singer, to ensure their daughters’ entry to the University of Southern California.

Lori Loughlin had been a main cast of the series since the first season and she had continually brought excitement to the show. In a statement released last year to support Lori’s exit from all her show, Hallmark stated that it had stopped working with the actress.

With the charges faced by the actress and potential imprisonment of 45 years, she has been removed from her projects at Hallmark, including her show, Garage Sale Mystery.  It appears that When Calls the Heart season 8 will have a new character to replace Abigail Stanton.

When is the release date for When Calls the Heart season 8

There is no final statement from Hallmark on the date of the season 8 release, but viewers can expect that it will come next year. However, with the current crisis of coronavirus pandemic affecting the movie industry, delays are inevitable.

It is possible that even the production of the other series are affected as well. Meanwhile, based on the previous seasons, When Calls the Heart season 8  may hit the screens around January to April of 2021.

What to expect from When Calls the Heart season 8

There is a lot going on in Hope Valley because of the diversity in the plot and the characters of the story.  It appeared that Elizabeth had chosen Nathan. However, there might be a twist in When Calls the Heart season 8.

On the other hand, life for Lee and Rosemary will continue, as with the newlyweds, Jessie and Clara.  Moreover, a lot of the characters might have a chance of returning, such as Dr. Carson Shepherd, and Jack Wagner.  

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