‘Halo 5’ DLC raises more than US$200,000 for COVID-19 Relief

'Halo 5' DLC raises more than US$200,000 for COVID-19 Relief

In just a little over two weeks’ time, 343 Industries raised over US$200,000 from its Halo 5 in-game charity campaign. Other game companies are doing their COVID-19 relief effort share as well.

Developers over at 343 Industries introduced a premium downloadable content (DLC) pack to Halo 5: Guardians on March 27 called  “Relief and Recovery REQ Pack” for $10 USD.

It is reportedly a move by the Halo maker as a way to contribute to the COVID-19 relief effort. The proceeds from the pack will go directly to Global Giving’s Coronavirus Relief Fund.

The pack includes five customization items of at least ultra-rare caliber, along with 10 booster cards that are rare or higher which can help you level up quicker in multiplayer. The DLC will remain up for grabs until April 30.

Aside from the DLC pack, the game developers are also selling a “Hope and Love” Halo t-shirt worth $25 USD. Proceeds from this fundraising will go to the same charity.

United against the pandemic

343 Industries aren’t the only ones doing their part against the coronavirus pandemic, as many big names in the video game community are coming together to aid in relief efforts across the globe.

Sony’s Play at Home Initiative looks to benefit both gamers and developers by offering up the Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection and Journey for free from April 15 to May 5. Also, the PlayStation maker will donate $10 million to indie studios affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Even Rockstar studios decided to get in on the action by pledging five percent of the revenue generated from the in-game purchases of Red Dead Online and Grand Theft Auto Online. 

“Small businesses have closed their doors, and communities who rely on government-provided support that they cannot access are struggling. The road ahead will be challenging, and we want to help where we can.” wrote Rockstar Games in their official statement.

Other notable figures who are pitching in include CD Projekt Red, Riot Games, Nintendo, Razer, Ubisoft, Humble Bundle and its partners – world-famous Mixer streamer Richard Tyler “Ninja” Blevins.

Games Done Quick relief marathon

Meanwhile, Games Done Quick (GDQ), an organization known for raising funds for charity through speedrunning, released an official statement telling the world that they’d be holding an online marathon from April 17 to 19 called Corona Relief Done Quick.

All funds raised during the event will go to Direct Relief, a nonprofit organization whose mission statement is to “improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty or emergency situations by mobilizing and providing essential medical resources needed for their care.”

It’s always great to see the video game community come together to help one another in times of crisis.

Image courtesy of Halo/Twitter

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