‘Halo Infinite’ premieres this week, box art giving away a thousand words

'Halo Infinite' premieres this week, box art hints grappling hook

After months of waiting, fans are finally looking forward to Halo Infinite as the hype over the grappling hook intensifies.

It looks like the rumors have been confirmed that we’ll be able to watch the Xbox Games Showcase this week. Aside from Halo Infinite, other games such as Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2, Fable, and Perfect Dark will reportedly be featured.

While some weren’t impressed with the Inside Xbox event, fans are now hoping for a better presentation especially with high expectations with the much-awaited title.

In-depth box art analysis

A lot of famous YouTubers are actually over-analyzing the recent box art that Halo Infinite released this week such as this top video from HaloFollower.

In the initial parts of the video, he commented that the art, in general, brought about nostalgia from Halo Combat Evolved.

Most people noticed the grappling hook that was attached to the master chief’s arm suggesting that it might be a new armor upgrade.

But an earlier leak caught by VG24/7 from a ResetEra thread suggested that the grappling hook was more of “an equipment pick-up similar to Halo 3” according to a well-known insider Klobrille.

What caught the attention of the other people aside from the hook is also the reflection in master chief’s helmet indicating that it could be one of the main bosses of the previous Halo games as HaloFollower would say.

He also explained the deteriorating Halo Array in the background and further related its history on the previous Halo installments.

In addition, he also noticed a dirt trail in the background hinting that the game could have an open world aspect and the ring structures also found in the cover art.

He also pointed out the massive structure on the right upper hand corner of the background indicating that it might be related to a place that the master chief visited in the previous trailer last year.

As the saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and it looks like we’ll have to see later this week if all these Halo Infinite speculations are confirmed in the upcoming game showcase event.

Here’s where you can watch the showcase

Halo has been teasing its fans for this week as they look forward to the much-awaited title on the Xbox and it goes live in a few hours both on Twitch, as per their Twitter announcement, and on YouTube.

In addition, the official Xbox Twitter account also compiled the world time slots where you can watch their games showcase for this week.

Let’s see if Xbox can mount a comeback this year since they have been mostly shadowed because of the upcoming Sony and Nintendo titles. Fans hope that Halo Infinite would not disappoint since they have been waiting years since the Halo 5 release last 2015.

Featured image courtesy of Halo Infinite

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