‘Halo Infinite’ update: Xbox exec gives latest update on game’s progress

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With only a single game demo shown so far since its development was announced, many are wondering how Halo Infinite is faring in terms of development – Xbox Executive gives an update on the matter.

While the subject of Halo Infinite is abuzz among fans, Microsoft is rather silent about its development.

Xbox Boss Speaks

Giving audiences a say on the matter is Aaron Greenberg, Xbox exec, who claims to have weekly check-ins with the devs. While Greenberg can guarantee that the game is well on its track, he asks the audience to be patient.

As many would have probably surmised, 343 Industries and other Microsoft teams appear affected by the COVID-19, causing the delay. The setback primarily boils down to everybody working from home that is seemingly causing difficulty for efficient collaboration.

However, to keep everyone’s interest, Greenberg insinuates the team cooking up ‘something’ that is worthy of the wait.

A Delay Worth Waiting For

But there is also another cause of the delay for the game that some may not be aware of. One that perhaps preceded the postponement induced by COVID-19. That is, that the game saw a shift in a different engine with the purpose of meeting the game’s ambitious presentation.

In a revelation by 343 Industries boss, Bonnie Ross claimed that they considered producing a less-than-stellar version of Halo Infinite. Possibly, with the goal of meeting the deadline. But the idea was eventually scrapped in favor of producing a high-level quality game, worthy of everybody’s wait.

The topic on the Halo Infinite came to light by a fan question in relation to Microsoft’s recently launched program, the Xbox 20/20. A Nintendo Direct-style of shows that focus on topics surrounding Xbox and its games.

Microsoft themselves could not confirm the latest footage for Halo Infinite in the meantime. However, the chance of it happening is never truly out of the picture, especially now that the game is deep in development.

But if there is one thing which Microsoft can promise, it is that Xbox 20/20 will showcase first-party titles in July. Likely, including Halo Infinite.

A Missed Opportunity

Looking back in 2019, Microsoft appears keen on revealing more about the game for 2020. If things did not turn out the way they were with the pandemic, 2020 would have seen a big show for Halo Infinite.

With the E3 2020 officially called off, Microsoft has no better way to market Halo Infinite than with Xbox 20/20 in July.

Image used courtesy of YouTube/Halo

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