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‘Halo: MCC’ update: 343 Industries dev says yelling won’t help


The Halo game titles under MCC are currently experiencing some major issues in all of its platforms. 343 Industries, its developer, is under fire as they take offensive attacks from players.

After its grand title release of Halo 2: Anniversary on May 12, the players of the entire Halo: The Master Chief Collection experienced a long list of update issues.

This remastered PC version of the original 2014 title was launched as the third installment of Halo: MCC. However, 343 Industries warned its avid game followers that the said update release will come with many bugs and possible issues.

In fact, the game developers have laid out the identified and active issues that are likely to be experienced by the players upon release. Indeed enough, these were encountered along with other unknown issues as well.

Considering the restricted setup everyone is in, with the pandemic and all, the devs at 343 Industries continue to work vigorously to resolve these problems.

Devs badgered by players

Unfortunately, the issues have gravely hindered the players from harmoniously engaging in-game.

As a result, many angered players have badgered the game devs, which triggered the community directory,  Brian Jarrard, to speak up on Twitter.

In one of the Jarrard’s tweet threads, he reminds everyone to calm down as they continue to work on the issues raised:

We don’t want anyone having a bad experience or encountering problems but some of the things we are hearing are hard to pin down / will take some time. Yelling at or insulting members of our team isn’t going to help. People work hard under extra challenging circumstances.

Furthermore, Jarrard asks the affected players to identify their issue from the list of known and active issues. If it isn’t included on the list, then it is advised to submit a ticket on Halo‘s support website for it to be further investigated.

Timeline of updates

To deal with the ongoing issues, the game devs posted on the Halo support site a thread of updates on the problems that they’ve worked on, currently managing, and the bugs that they’ve identified.

An excerpt of their update page reads:

Currently the team is prioritizing work on two key problems the community has reported: erratic projectiles in Halo 2 multiplayer that have a tendency to inexplicably betray teammates and degraded performance and experience with Halo 3 on Xbox One.

Moreover, the devs expressed their empathy towards the affected players and reassured everyone that all of these problems—as none has an instant fix—are “being actively worked on.”

In fact, the devs are being very transparent with outlining the timeline and the status of the Halo bug issues. Unfortunately, the “initial fix” prepared by 343 Industries was not able to resolve the Halo 2 issue, and is currently investigating the “behavioral oddities in Halo 3 multiplayer matchmaking.”

Meanwhile, over at Reddit, players have shared issues such as MCC freezing and keybinding glitches.

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