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Handling social media use during a pandemic


COVID-19 has affected a lot of people’s daily routine, including the increase of need in social media usage. Since people cannot go out to meet with their colleagues and friends, social media has been one of the most significant ways to communicate with people.

A pandemic like COVID-19 may cause breakdowns and anxiety to people, which are caused by escalating fears and concentrating problems. Because of this, many people have shifted their focus and attention to other things such as; spending time with their families, taking a break from reading heartbreaking news, on social media, and meditating.

Some people have shifted to filtering sources that may affect their mental health. They have subscribed to entertainment applications like Tiktok and Smule that could make themselves feel at ease during this pandemic.

COVID-19 caused separation to a lot of people; this has led to an increase in the number of social media usages such as in fitness, video chats, and news websites. Social media is an efficient help to people nowadays, most notably during this trying time. It helps people connect themselves to family, colleagues, and friends.

Utilizing social media usage

The rise of social media usage is inevitable due to COVID-19. Experts say that it is more effective to use social media in a more useful way, including subscribing to an online fitness class and cooking class or websites that offer learning experiences. Nonetheless, the World Health Organization still advises people to monitor their time in social media to avoid other possible complications such as insomnia.

This trying time has also led students to take online classes to make use of their time wisely. Experts say that it is understandable to have an increase in social media usage this time because it is one of the most recommended platforms.

Although experts say there is no need for parents to be guilty of social media usage in this pandemic, they are also warning them to be mindful of what their child is monitoring. This caution caused by the rise of toxic news and unreliable media contents that is circulating in the media. You must make yourself adapt to sources that release purely reliable and helpful materials that will calm you down.

Above all this, the Mental Health Foundation recommends doing the things you think can help you get through this challenging time like connecting with people you are miles away from and keeping yourself mentally healthy and inspired.

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