Hands-free gadgets: Ultimate source of comfortability

Go hands-free by selecting these awesome gadgets to fulfill your home’s demand. It’s never been easier to make your home filled with the smart home appliance.

The gadgets even are not at an affordable rate, which makes it tougher to get them through. As this lockdown is getting on nerves nowadays, the need for upgrading home becomes a highly desirable state of affairs.

Previously, updating home with hands-free gadgets was mandated by visiting local electricians for its install. Still, nowadays, these hands-free gadgets are available with virtual assistance supported by some of the major, trusted brands such as Amazon, Google, Apple, and frequently all three.

Before buying any hands-free gadget, do ensure that it supports digital assistance as this could lower your workload and can help you achieve maximum efficiency.

Once you are done with your choice of assistance, it’s time to delve deeper into the world of some hands-free gadgets:

  • Elegant Speaker: Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen:- A lot of gadgets in your home works with the assistance of some apps on your phone. These gadgets are hands-free but not completely as it includes the work of opening the app, locating your gadget, commanding in your application, and many more. But there’s still a solution to curb the usage of cellphones. Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen is a speaker having a virtual assistance facility that, however, makes it more workable in any circumstance. Just assign commands, and your application will run. There are many speakers in the market, but Amazon Echo provides you a sustainable and affordable brand to believe in.
  • Philips Hue White and Colour Ambiance Smart Bulb Starter Kit:- A smart home is void until and unless there is smart lighting in it. If you talk about building a smart home, the first and foremost thing which comes in your mind is lighting. There are a lot of options available in the market, but Philips, with its impeccable reputation, makes things even easier. Philips Hue series is a starter kit that helps you build in a smart home at an affordable rate.
  • Ring Video Doorbell:- Nowadays, video doorbells are in talks. Managing your courier or delivery either in a contact-less manner or when you are out, video doorbells helps you sort out this problem. Ring franchise has brought a whole new series of video doorbells which manages everything nicely. The only issue about Ring video doorbells is that it doesn’t have a removable battery, but it can be compensated by Alexa’s compatibility and better motion detection feature.
  • Ecovacs DEEBOT OZMO T8 ROBOTIC VACCUM CLEANER:- Ecovacs Vaccum Cleaner is not a completely hands-free gadget until you provide the voice assistant that can help the vacuum cleaner do the needful. It’s smart enough to dodge your carpet while cleaning or mopping your polished floors. It supports Amazon Alex and Google’s assistance.
  • Niki Smart Lock 2.0:- The reality of 2020 is that you are not going to roam outside often, what you used to before. But still, in 2020, you can look for a smart lock that has a feature of locking and unlocking as your phone goes away or approaches, respectively. It also has a feature of installing and uninstalling, which makes it more viable the time when you rent your property.

Images courtesy of  pozitivo, NicoElNino/Shutterstock

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