Hangouts will be moved to Google chat next year

Google will soon move Google Hangouts to Google chat. Next year onwards, the users will not be able to use Hangouts on an individual basis.

Google has announced to move the Hangouts to Google chat. Next year the Hangouts users will be transferred to Google chat.

Google gave a statement saying that they will migrate all the Hangout conversations and contact and history to the other application.

Not only this but at the beginning of 2021, the Google chat will be available as a free service.

Google chat is not much different from the Hangouts. It has many similar features compared to Hangouts, such as direct and group messaging, emoji reactions, and more.

Moreover, there will be many upgrades to Google chat. The upgrades can include fishing protections, safe browsing, protection against malicious links. The application will have all the contacts saved in Hangouts for texting.

Google chat

Google chat is a communication software that can send direct messages. Previously it was a part of the Hangouts chat. After some time, the application came forward as individual communication software.

About that, Google is the owner of the software. The company included the application in Google workspace.

The application is not free of cost application. Only the owners of Google workspace can use the application.

The application is also dedicated to teamwork as the application helps in collaborating and sharing files with colleagues. It is already there in the users’ Gmail inbox. The user can get all the features of Google Chat in his or her mailbox.

Not only this, but Google will let every Hangouts user migrate to Google chat without any cost. Currently, Google chat is a paid service. The user has to have a paying G Suite or workspace user account to access the application’s features.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is also a cross-platform messaging app. In 2013, the company presented the product as Google+. The company is upgrading the application since then. There are many features in the application, like group conversations, photo sharing, calls, and texts.

About that, the application has been a classic example of a messaging application for the user. The users can also send SMS so accurately this application.

The latest update of the Google Hangouts helps the user send gifts and live location to their friends.

In conclusion, By the starting of 2021, the company will combine Hangouts and Google chat.

As the company changed from the Electronic Frontier Foundation to XMPP, it has become more challenging to handle multi-client conversations. Due to this, Google will combine the two messaging applications.

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