Hani donates KRW 10 million supporting self-sustaining teens

EXID member Hani donated the amount of 10 million Korean won, equivalent to USD 9,159, to give intensive support to self-sustaining teens who can no longer receive child protective care.

A Korean non-profit organization and a charity shop called Beautiful Store, launched in 2002divulged Hani’s good deed.

It shared that on December 11, Hani personally handed over 10 million Korean won to the store for teens who are self-sustaining and can no longer receive child protective care.

The store also unveiled about Hani donated 5 million Korean won in 2018 and 2019 for the same cause.

Hani’s admirable act

Self-sustaining teens who cannot receive child protective care are those teenagers who reached 18 and above.

Moreover, these teens need to leave the childcare facilities as they must learn to stand on their own at a young age.

These teens usually have difficulties adapting and adjusting to society while living independently.

They go out to the community with a few million Korean won in self-reliance funds and are no longer protected by support agencies or parent figures.

Hani stated about coming across teens who are no longer receiving care from facilities and had no choice in life.

They support themselves financially to have the chance of fulfilling their dreams. The singer shared that she decided to provide financial assistance when she heard their stories through her mom. This is to help them achieve their goals in life.


A heart of volunteerism

More to Hani’s humanitarian act, she also shared her good deeds through participating in the Beautiful Sharing. They provide living necessities to the underprivileged a week before the holidays.

Beautiful Store representative said that Hani always expressed her heart to give her donations and good deeds quietly.

Yet, they show off her tremendous influence as it could lead to more people gaining interest and support for the teens.

They decided to expose Hani’s desire for helping and her kind deeds with thorough and careful consideration.


Image courtesy of HoneyHaniOppa YT/YouTube Screenshot

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