‘Happy Game’ trailer is equally happy and disturbing

The latest horror game from Chuchel developers is something which won’t disappoint you.

How often do players come across a horror game that will be fun, quirky, and over the top disturbing? Happy horror game ads more tea to the pot because it is the one true release that horror fanatics have been looking for.

What is this game all about?

The latest odyssey from the Czech developer called Chuchel and Amanita Design has released their new single trailer. Resident Evil Village, which is on the top spot right now and earning its name because of the huge downloads and fan buzzes, is reigning into the horror genre right now.

Any other independent release will have to convince the fan and get up to their expectation at the same time. Happy Game title was first featured during the Future Games Show, which was produced by WD_BLACK.

One of the main things that the fans can be excited about is that the release will happen soon in the Autumn of 2021. One developer has said that they were working on a psychedelic horror, so they wanted to get an environment that depicted the same.

The visuals taken from the game right away are filled with elements of trippy horror and exclusive locations. Especially when it comes to visual ends, the game sparks the developer’s previous work itself, but this time, it is a lot darker.

So if fans are really intrigued about the premier, then it focuses on the plot that a little boy has just fallen asleep, and it is a horrible nightmare he is reliving.

How is the gameplay?

The trailer shows one question for the players: ‘ Can you make him happy again? The happy horror game is filled with all elements you like. If players are looking for something twisted, fun, gore, and challenging simultaneously, then this is the game that they should look out for.

Trippy horror games are really special because they add to the graphics, making them look even more compelling. The gameplay is pretty simple here as players have to navigate throughout the game and find their possibilities by point and click adventure tasks.

But there is a catch!

Wherever the players go, there is a sickening sense of uneasiness which causes a weird stench all around the room. Happy Game comes with all the nightmarish stuff, especially when you see all the decapitated bodies lying up in the corner with a smile implanted on their face.


Image courtesy of Amanita Design/YouTube

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