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‘Harry Potter: Magic Awakened’ to kickstart open beta on May 29


Harry Potter’s foray into mobile with Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is hitting the beta stage and will be opened for public rollout this coming May 29, 2020.

Originally rumored as an RPG title in 2018, Magic Awakened did not see the official announcement until October 2019.

Card-based Role-Playing Game

The Harry Potter title is set to feature a card-based mechanics as well as elements of RPG. As a mobile game, the game will also take advantage of the smartphone’s tap and shake feature. How these features will eventually turn out is still a subject of our future witness.

Based on the available footage of the game, though, it is likely that Magic Awakened will be a story-driven game. Beginning from each player’s entry into Hogwarts and the subsequent adventures that unfold from therein.

Knowing the traditions that J.K. Rowling built in the franchise’s lore, you would be hard-pressed to familiar events resurface in-game. Such as every player entering into Platform 9 ¾, shopping at Diagon Alley, and finding home into any of the three Hogwarts houses.

If the video trailer is to go by, players would be playing a role in the game based on their chosen image. Owing to the gorgeously looking sprites, one major appeal to the game would be its graphics.

All New Hogwarts Students

While it can be quite misleading to see a trio that would be reminiscent of Harry and friends, they’re already beyond that stage in the game. But it is within the player’s interest for that not to be the case. Out of novelty about Harry Potter: Magic Awakened.

Although the story is undeniably the game’s core strength, another major concern would be its gameplay. Knowing the franchise, there would be lots of magic in it. Combative magic ones, specifically, and with cards as part of the overall design.

Making for a balancing act to the game is the mana system that significantly limits the players’ ability to cast spells. Each spell will also likely be tiered and will be mostly be differentiated by the amount of energy required to use them.

Strong spells will obviously take more energy than weaker spells. This means that players will have to be mindful about casting the right spell at any given moment. Or otherwise suffer a setback, necessitating an energy recharge for the player to cast another spell again.

To cast a spell against an enemy would be to drag-and-drop a card on the screen.  Therefore, an accidental casting would likely be the least of a problem.

Image used courtesy of YouTube/Anonymous Wolf

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