‘Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’ gets special contents for July following anniversary celebration

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite official logo

It has been already a year since Harry Potter: Wizards Unite was launched in the market. To celebrate the occasion, Niantic is cooking up something special that players can expect to see in July.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has already come a long way since its controversial release. One which pundits had criticized as eerily too similar to Niantic’s other beloved title, Pokemon GO. Essentially a fraternal twin born from the DNA of Niantic, the two do share commonalities albeit as two distinct games.

Shaky Start But Steady

Despite the rocky start, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite sees a generally positive reaction as embraced by millions who play the game. But a large chunk of the number of which is due to the hype the game had gathered via marketing and initial fanfare. Still, a substantial amount of players remains that subsequently fuel interest to keep the game running.

Putting that fact into numbers, aside from the number of downloads the game had, Niantic and WB Games set out an infographic. In it shows the digits accumulated by the overall player base in terms of kilometers walked, potions consumed, wizarding challenges won, etc.

Considering the numbers that range between hundreds of millions to a few billion, it speaks volumes of how significant the game is to players.

Coming in July

To celebrate Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’s success, Niantic is promising a regular rollout of events and contents beginning July. In addition, the developers are also working on a new exciting feature for players. Players will then get to see their avatars fortified with magic enhancements and the chance of getting in-app rewards.

July is a little over a week still. But it does not mean that Wizards Unite has not been celebrating since around the onset of June.

In light of the “Brilliant Event: One Year Later” program, the game has implemented additional gameplay elements to engage players. These include the addition of new “Foundables,” a Brilliant Portmanteau quest, and some Diagon Alley freebies.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite in Hindsight

To the uninitiated, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is an augmented reality game that shares some similarities to Pokemon GO. One of the likenesses is that both require a smartphone and literal mobility to explore the game’s magical world. As each player is located in a diverse area than another, Wizards Unite offers a unique perspective to each player.

Like Pokemon GO, Wizards Unite is partly about encountering “confounded” creatures and items from the Harry Potter world. The long-term goal and purpose are to find the “unfound”. Every time a player attains a significant feat, the system registers the unfounded asset. A feature that is similar to Pokemon GO’s indexing of captured Pokemon.

Another aspect of the game is about exploring specific in-game sites. There are various icons indicating a unique class for each destination. Inns can replenish spell energy, greenhouses let you gather and grow potion ingredients, and fortresses let you fight beasts and dark wizards.

Quite literally, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is like Pokemon GO. Only involving characters and figures from the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts universe.

Image used courtesy of GameSpot Trailers/YouTube Screenshot

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