Harry Styles realizes he, Olivia Wilde are very different amid split: Rumor

Harry Styles realizes he, Olivia Wilde are very different amid split: Rumor

Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde have, allegedly, ended their short relationship.

According to National Enquirer, it didn’t take Harry Styles and Wilde very long to realize that they don’t have anything in common.

A source claimed that the A-listers fell in love while starring in their movie together. But after the filming wrapped up, they realized that the real world is so much different from the world that they created on set.

“They like different music and food. And their fashion taste is also polar opposite. They haven’t split up entirely, but they’re putting on the brakes while they figure this out,” the source said.

Jason Sudeikis thrilled over Harry Styles, Olivia Wilde split

Amid their split, there’s, allegedly, one individual who can’t help but feel happy. The source claimed that Wilde’s ex-boyfriend, Jason Sudeikis is thrilled that the couple’s romance just fizzled out naturally.

“Jason’s strategy always was to let Harry and Olivia fizzle out then see where she was in terms of a reunion and it’s going according to plan. Harry and Olivia aren’t done yet, but they’ve agreed to reassess things when they’re back in LA,” the source said.

Several other tabloids are also claiming the same thing about Harry Styles and Wilde.

Jason Sudeikis thrilled over Harry Styles, Olivia Wilde split
Olivia Wilde

Harry Styles, Olivia Wilde on a break

Star claimed that the couple has pumped the brakes on their relationship. Styles and Wilde have not, allegedly, called it quits officially, but they are taking a break from their relationship.

A source for the tabloid claimed that the One Direction member was thrown off by how quickly their relationship progressed, and he’s just not ready to take the next step.

Additionally, Wilde has also, allegedly, agreed to reassess her relationship with Sudeikis, which suggests that the actress chose her ex over Styles.

Harry Styles, Olivia Wilde rumors debunked

However, Styles and Wilde have not commented on the real status of their relationship. In fact, the rumored couple never confirmed that they are dating in the first place.

If Styles and Wilde dated and have officially ended their relationship, only reputable sources should be trusted with this information.

It is also not true that Wilde has decided to get back together with Sudeikis and replaced Harry Styles.

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