Harsh reality of working in the video game industry, worse than expected

The harsh reality of working in the video game industry is worse than anyone can expect.

For all the young aspirants, working in the video game industry is not rainbows and skittles anymore. Video game designers and developers worldwide have shared their stories and revealed updates regarding their job roles and the perks, which might not sound better than anything else.

The video game industry is one of the leading industries of the decade, and it might sound heartening for most of the enthusiasts who are already a part of the industry.

Some of the industry’s darkest secrets have been shared by members who have already taken their way in.

Are relocations a part of the job role?

It starts with the relocations, which can harm the spouse of the working professional and even hamper their personal lives.

There are some complicated working conditions for people who are living in the US. The video game industry is one of the leading sectors which even suffers from the successive health plans because of the lockdowns which have taken place over time.

One of the main things that this industry is not taken seriously is because people’s careers can be irregular. In the ’90s was something called the unspoken taxes of the video game developers that they had to pay while working in the industry.

One of the saddest truths working in the industry is that there is no track history, less opportunity for advancement; it can be hard or have mental pressure on those already part of the series.

And it can even put a strain on relationships as it causes a mental or a negative bearing on the mind. One of the many reasons is why immigrants have decided to stay in Montreal.

It causes a negative impact on developers

If you are a programming lead working in the industry which is located in Montreal, then you will have to change your friends, property, and even the quality of life that you have.

There is a 60-day provision in which the developers or programmers have to give up their life entirely to make a good living. This also means that they cannot go out or even attend family or friendly meetings because work will be their primary target.

There is also a prominent fear in everyone’s mind that if they leave their job, they will not find something that suits their need or even income as the skills which the developers have been limited to a certain industry.


Image courtesy of R Λ Z Ξ R /YouTube

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