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‘Harvest Moon One World’ to launch on Nintendo Switch later this year


Natsume has announced that Harvest Moon One World will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. Fans can expect the game to be released this fall.

Harvest Moon One World will provide a brand new experience with both returning and new heroes, unique towns and new challenges as players develop their farm. Natsume stated that they will be responsible in releasing the game in the Americas.

Their partner, Rising Star Games, will work on the publishing duties across the European regions. The game’s story will spin around a place where vegetables and fruits are extinct. The story progresses as players investigate a mystery and try to bring back produce into their world.

A new approach

The Harvest Moon franchise series have struggled in making a good impression since the game’s original developer, Marvelous, and IP owner Natsume parted ways last 2014.

Fans are inspired to think Natsume is attempting a new approach to make the series a hit again this time around. Natsume says the new game will feature new engines and graphics as well as a variety of new gameplays.

The game’s developers haven’t provide any screenshot or gameplay, but promised that they will release them soon. The last title from the Harvest Moon franchise was Light of Hope released last 2018 for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

Game setting

Players will be investigating a world full of unique villages including the beaches of Hal Halo and the snowy peaks of Salmiakki. The story is set in a world without staple food. However, a strange book is discovered which details that the missing food existed once in the past.

Thus, players will start travelling around the map looking for clues of the missing food.


Started in 1997, the Harvest Moon franchise has launched over 30 unique installments during its whole 20-year run.

Fast forward today, Harvest Moon One World will face intense rivalry with farming simulation giants including Stardew Valley and the hit crafting game Animal Crossing New Horizons.

The Harvest Moon-like Stardew Valley has sold nearly 10 million copies as of this year. Meanwhile, Animal Crossing New Horizons has already become one of Nintendo’s bestselling games in just a few months.

It has attracted the attention of celebrities, sports enthusiasts and even fashion giants Valentino and Marc Jacobs. Harvest Moon One World would need to offer something good to outperform these games.

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