Hasbro announces new Marvel Legends action figures, and more

Hasbro announces new Marvel Legends action figures, and more

Just before this year’s Memorial Day Weekend, Hasbro has decided to unveil a new series of Marvel Legends action figures, featuring some very familiar Marvel characters, and then some.

The new Marvel action figures include our favorite friendly neighborhood web-slinger, our favorite attorney from Hell’s Kitchen, and some other iconic villains as well.

The American toy manufacturer made the announcement by way of its most recent Fan First Friday live stream, delivered through its official Facebook page:

Posted by Hasbro Pulse on Friday, 22 May 2020

New line of action figures for Spider-Man and friends

Action figure aficionados will no doubt be delighted by the new Spider-Man figures recently launched by Hasbro, who also makes the Transformers toys.

Just to be clear, the new Spider-Man lineup includes two completely separate versions of the title character Spider-Man, Gwen Stacey, and Daredevil.

Along with these good guys are classic Spidey villains we’ve all grown to love to hate, like Green Goblin and Electro.

A note about Gwen Stacy, though. Hasbro has made an interesting choice to have the head of this character’s action figure removable.

This means that toy collectors—if they want to—can actually swap Gwen Stacy’s head with that of Mary Jane Watson. So hurray for all Peter/MJ shippers out there!

Still, hardcore Spidey fans might be delighted to know that the Gwen Stacy figure rocks the iconic purple-and-green clothes the character wore in the classic comics when, you know, she fell. So hurray for all Peter/Gwen shippers out there as well!

Marvel Legends action figure War Machine

Other Marvel Legends action figures in store

For those action figure fans who aren’t just exclusive Spider-Man collectors, they might want to explore the other Marvel Legends options also announced by Hasbro.

Let’s start with the heroes.

First, there’s the Marvel Legends Deluxe War Machine Action Figure Exclusive. Standing at a full six inches, this War Machine version comes with no less than eight accessories, ranging from an unmasked head to see Colonel James Rhodes’ face, to loads of firepower options.

Another six-inch addition to the Marvel Legends series is Moon Knight, which features immaculate detailing in terms of design, and fully complemented with nine accessories.

Now for the villains. Joining the new baddie roster is the A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics) Trooper action figure.

Its accessories might be modest, to say the least, but still manages to pack a full-size blaster, a utility belt, and a cool hip-side pistol.

Fans of Marvel’s X-Men franchise will want to check out the Apocalypse six-inch Marvel Legends action figure. It comes with an alternate head, an alternate hand, and even a skull on Apocalypse’s hand—ala Hamlet skull soliloquy.

Images [1] and [2] courtesy of Hasbro Pulse

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