Haunted video game stories from netizens circulating for decades

The Internet has been the major platform for a lot of speculations regarding haunted video games.

The internet is a huge place of random chaos where many people have taken to their interests and have shared stories regarding haunted video games. It is those stories that have driven down the internet by storm. So what are these?

In particular, if you think about them, then they are video games that are plainly haunted.

What are some of the most haunted video games?

The eerie soundtrack is taken from the de-tuned game of Pokemon Red Lavender Town. This soundtrack was supposed to be haunted, but the story that was debunked later on contained a high frequency that only the youngest players can hear them.

Basically, if science is mixed with this, then there is always a radical explanation, and that is it can alter the brain chemistry and trigger a certain range of psychosis.

After playing this game, it was said that Japanese children would put down their GameBoy and climb to the roof as they jumped right to their death. None of the stories is completely true, and surely the game sound can be a bit eerie to hear.

This has been the circulation around Creepypasta for a very long time as the game has channelized a ton of playthroughs over the years.

The Lavender Town Legend is just a story that has been going around for a very long time as none of the mentioned stories are true. The Internet has been around for a very long time, and there has been a ton of forums that have shared Creepypasta stories as well.

Platforms such as Creepypasta have helped produce content

Haunted video game stories have circulated for decades as it was not the only one. Back when Creepypasta was a platform that was upgrading, many fans and users have shared their reviews regarding various games and what ill fate some games can bring. Another game had the notion of being haunted, known as Hail of Tortured Souls.

It had a lurid game-like hellscape within the spreadsheet, and it displayed all the names and photos of the Microsoft developers. If the players wanted to add the names by using the picture which was there on the sheet, they could have got the people killed in few days.

There have been many additional games as well, which have made a list for being disturbing and graphic and entailing a list of false narratives as curses.


Image courtesy of Top 10 Gaming/YouTube

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