‘Hawkeye’ Disney+ series to introduce 9 new MCU characters


Marvel Studios is reportedly looking for nine actors who will join Jeremy Renner in the upcoming Disney+ series Hawkeye.

Details about this show have been scarce, but that may soon change as production is gearing up for work later this year. Once the casting directors complete the supporting cast, Hawkeye will reportedly start principal photography.

The show is looking to fill five characters in the ages of 20s to 40s: Misha (Eastern European), Heather (Midwestern), Mary (open ethnicity), Detective Sherman (open ethnicity), and Alex (an oddball). They are also looking for three children between the ages of eight or nine to play Bella, Brady, and Rose (ASL). Lastly, they need an Indigenous American dad, about 40 to 50 years old, who will play Richard.

According to Comic Book, the cast list suggests that this show will take pages from Occupy Avengers. It’s the short-lived organization that Hawkeye/Clint Barton founded in the comic books before he joined Tony Stark’s group.


Villain confirmed: Madame Masque

The DisInsider reported that Hawkeye will introduce Madame Masque as the series’ main villain and actress auditions are apparently ongoing. Renner will also be working alongside an actress who will play Kate Bishop, the female version of his superhero character.

Madame Masque, also known as Giulietta Nefaria or Whitney Frost, has a love and hate relationship with Iron Man in the comic books. Adopted and raised as a socialite, Madam Masque took over Maggia, an international crime syndicate involving many families.

In the comics, she kidnaps Hawkeye after a fabricated video surfaced, showing the superhero killing a dictator in Asia. But Kate rescues Hawkeye from captivity, leading Madame Masque to target Kate and Clint for the rest of her life.

Marvel and Disney+ are expected to announce the actresses playing these two strong women in the next few weeks.

Springboard for next big Avengers battle

This will not be the first time Madame Masque has been shown in a live-action TV series. The character was also briefly in the second season of the canceled Captain America  TV spinoff, Agent Carter. She was played by actress Wynn Everett.

Meanwhile, fans speculate that Madame Masque’s introduction in Hawkeye will lead up to the next big battle in Avengers 5 on the big screen. The villain is the right hand of Baron Helmut Zemo, the leader of the Masters of Evil. Fans think that this group will be in the upcoming movie.

However, because of her association with Iron Man, the villain did help the Avengers in the comics to fight the Skrulls. Rumors are that the Skrulls will appear in the Captain Marvel sequel.

Disney+ has not announced the release date of Hawkeye, but there are speculations of an early 2022 outing.


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