Retro-style FPS ‘Hellbound’ coming to PC on August 4


Hardcore action FPS game Hellbound is coming next month to PC. The homage to the nostalgic 90s FPS titles will be in online stores on August 4.

Hellbound is a deep indulgence in 90’s nostalgia with its retro gameplay. It’s a modern iteration of the FPS titles back in the day that made shooters popular. Under the same vein, it’s supremely gory, hardcore, and downright macho.

Saibot started the game as a Kickstarter

Saibot Studios offers one of the best hardcore shooters of modern history. The game takes all the good things from the classics, including Quake, DOOM, and Wolfenstein. The game is superbly crazy, with testosterone coursing through the title.


The retro PC game started as a Kickstarter campaign for the entire game. The campaign launched a while ago in May 2018, with a ton of high-value pledges. Saibot received a nice $41,528 from 546 backers, a little over the $40,000 long-term goal.

The game will take place in the bowels of Hell, with a super-manly lad named Hellgore. The game’s description on its Steam listing is not any less macho.

“Hellgore is a huge bada** and a tortured soul, looking for vengeance against the creatures that massacred his people,” says the description. “Use an arsenal of rusty metals, burnt flesh, and bones, as weapons that have been constructed with one single purpose: TO KILL THEM ALL!”

Hellbound is fast and ultraviolent

Hellbound is not shy about its lack of story. Much like its inspiration, the game is an episodic, level per level campaign. Everything is a serious action, and people who love blood, gore, and ultraviolence would enjoy the game.

There are seven campaigns for the entire game, with four survival arenas. There are also eight enemy classes to chew on, together with a ton of weapons. The game is a little sparse on the variety, but it should be some classic gameplay.

The graphics for the title is robust, with modern visual design and HD gore. Almost everything splats in the game, and the retro approach is beyond awesome. All the stylings of the title harken to DOOM and even DOOM Eternal.

The game is ultra-fast and has no qualms about it. Everything that moves is likely an enemy or some power-up on the ground. The trailer for the game shows a load of fun, albeit with the game still a bit sparse on enemies.

Hellbound will be out on August 4. The game has its Steam listing up, so those who want some action can wishlist it now.

Images courtesy of Nimble Giant/Youtube Screenshot

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