Hello Games promises more content for ‘No Man’s Sky’

No Man's Sky

Hello Games No Man’s Sky might be the king of comebacks considering how different the game is now compared to its launch title. However, it seems like there could be more in store for this universe explorer this 2020.

Since launching to poor reception in 2016, the game and it’s developer Hello Games has made a complete 360, giving players more hope about the game.

The developer has added a collection of content updates that added a lot of things to the game, including better base-building mechanics, as well as multiplayer. Hello Games was even busier in the past year as it added living ships, Exo mechs, and more. While the game has changed completely, it seems like the developers are still finding new ways to improve it and its vast galaxy.

Bigger features teased for 2020

In a recent developer update, Hello Games first says that it is satisfied with its output during the last five months. In terms of what players should look forward to, the details get juicier.

For starters, players will eventually be able to obtain the standard Exosuit Backpack, which is one of the first models when the game launched. It was eventually scrapped from the game. Aside from this, players will now be able to buy Blistering Mushrooms, Watchful Protrusions, and Tentacle Spire toxic plants from Quicksilver Bot’s shop.

These items are mainly intended for aesthetic purposes. This means players can place these plans on their bases and other habitable spaces in No Man’s Sky.

In the coming weeks, players will also be able to partake in newly added weekend missions. These can be initiated by talking to Iteration and Ariadne inside the Space Anomaly. By completing these challenges, players will be rewarded with resources and credits as well.

Looking ahead

Moving forward, Hello Games teases that players should expect more content updates this year. While they have yet to detail what those are, it seems likely that the upcoming updates will be more features and adventures waiting for players.

So far, Hello Games has not only added content-packed updates for the game, but it also added story elements to address one of the early issues at launch. Thanks to these updates, more players have come back to the game, and hopefully, the community grows more soon.

Hello Games’ efforts to save No Man’s Sky are relentless, and it seems like they are making great progress so far. Thanks to their efforts, the game is becoming one of the best sci-fi titles out there.


Image used courtesy of Hello Games

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