Henry Cavill hints secret ‘Mass Effect’ project


Henry Cavill is at it again, as he hints another upcoming project. From what it seems, he’s hinting at a potential Mass Effect-related collab.

In an Instagram post, Henry Cavill showed off what seems to be scripts. While they were blurred, internet sleuths deduced that these are likely pointing to Mass Effect. Whether this is another show or a game collab is not yet known.

In Cavill’s post, he pictured himself with a wad of papers as he prepares his The Witcher wardrobe. In it, he blurred out the text on the papers, making sure they were properly obscured.

“Secret project? Or just a handful of paper with random words on it…. Guess you’ll have to wait and see,” says the Superman star.

Even then, Cavill’s blur tool is no match for internet technology. Sleuths at GamePressure modified the blurred script. From the image, the words “Geth”, “Admiral” and “Cerberus to take over…” are obvious.

These words coincide with the Wikipedia plot entry for Mass Effect 3. The entire quote is as follows:

“Following the events on Tuchanka and a failed coup by Cerberus to take over the Citadel, the quarians offer their support to the Alliance if Shepard helps them reclaim their homeworld, Rannoch, from the geth.

“Assisted by a quarian, either Tali’Zorah or Admiral Daro’Xen, Shepard boards a geth dreadnought and rescues a captive geth unit, either Legion or a facsimile occupied by a geth virtual intelligence (VI), then disables the Reaper control signal over the geth.

“Shepard then locates and destroys a Reaper base on Rannoch, which gives the quarians an opportunity to attack the vulnerable geth. However, the allied geth unit reveals that it intends to sacrifice itself in order to upgrade the geth using Reaper technology, which will enable the geth to achieve true sentience and free will, making them capable of defeating the quarians.”

Cavill likely will be part of next Mass Effect title

Henry Cavill and his connection to Mass Effect can be many other things. The only known Mass Effect project in the near future is the remaster, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

Bioware announced a new Mass Effect title in development last year. In the announcement, they note that it’s being made by a “veteran team” at the company. Even then, this is likely still far away, around 2 to 3 years.

Cavill is arguably among the most famous “nerds” in Hollywood. He’s a video game enthusiast who builds his own PC who inserted himself for the Geralt casting by badgering his agents.

Whatever Henry Cavill’s involvement in Mass Effect, it’s likely in good hands. The man knows his stuff and loves the genre too.

Featured image courtesy of Mass Effect/Youtube Screenshot

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