Henry Cavill showcases a hobby not many thought he could

Henry Cavill during his PC-building session amidst quarantine

Henry Cavill is the actor known as the man behind the faces in some of the TV and film’s notable casting. Prior to donning the suit of Superman and recently, the image of a Witcher, the actor has had a thriving career in cinema. For one so talented in this trade which pairs his good looks, the guy’s every woman’s ideal man and envy or inspiration among his like-gender.

Subsequent interest in the life of the actor led to people’s awareness of his passion for art and gaming. Sometimes, overlapping the two. However, it seems that the great actor is not only passionate about gaming and creative in art, but he is also a techie, too. One who builds stuff from scratch, not buy them premade.

For someone who is capable of many things, it begs the question, “Is there something that Henry Cavill cannot do?”

A PC builder

Showcasing what is possibly something not known about him, it seems that Mr. Cavill has a penchant—or, at least—interest in hardware stuff. Which, while not surprising, is still impressive considering the required knowledge for the feat. Not something that everybody possesses without actually dabbling on the subject.

In a no less than 5-minute video he uploaded on Instagram, the actor showed a summary video of what took place several hours into the process. A fact which the actor also has admission to.

Funny and sarcastic

Wittily labeled “All The Parts,” the video’s title alone is telling what to expect from the post. But not falling short of humor and sarcasm, the post furthers by warning viewers to be discrete with what to see. Citing that they may witness “a lot of parts” which they may not have seen before.

Funnily enough, Henry is pointing to the literal hardware components that would be, somewhat indirectly, the highlight of the post. One, which also presupposes the notion that his non-techie viewers would find rather “exotic.”

Of course, the actor himself is shown in throughout the video, too, albeit with less emphasis than the activity itself. In it, it features him donning some facial hairs which, also, might be something new to some audiences.

Going through the video, it appears that the beloved actor is not only witty in words. His overall thought process about inciting amusement is commendable, too. The humor being the underpinning “sexual” theme that Cavill cleverly employs throughout his video.

Not bad at all

While all is well and good, our builder appears to commit mistakes along the process. Yet, nothing too serious that the overall task is severely impeded and render our doer madly frustrated.

To his defense, Henry Cavill did not necessarily market himself as an expert on the subject. Whatever error he may have committed in the procedure is nothing but overlooked.

After all, in the end, he manages to complete the purpose of his own personal undertaking—to build the best rig possible (presumably) to play his favorite games at ultra setting.

Image used courtesy of Gabriel Miranda/YouTube Screenshot

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