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Henry Cavill signs for 3 more ‘Superman’ movies: rumor


Henry Cavill is reportedly suiting up for three more Superman movies and cameos in the DC Entertainment Universe (DCEU).

Following Ben Affleck’s confirmed return as Batman in The Flash, reports now say that Henry Cavill signed a three-film deal with DC. He’s also apparently open to doing cameos as Superman.

For years, Cavill’s comeback as Superman has been the subject of speculations. The failure of Justice League to click with fans and critics made his return uncertain.

But according to The Cultured Nerd, DC and Warner Bros decided to revisit Cavill’s Superman because on the buzz around the upcoming Justice League Snyder Cut. Cavill also pitched a new film about his superhero character that made the studio bosses happy.

This pitch apparently led to the studios drafting a new contract for the actor. Including the potential cameos, Cavill will more or less wear his superhero suit and cape in five or six films.

Will he be in Shazam! 2 and Black Adam?

There are speculations that Henry Cavill will also join the cast of Shazam! 2 and Black Adam, which are almost ready to start production. His manager, Dany Garcia, teased his return when she re-posted a fan art of the actor in his superhero costume on her Instagram story.

“Hope never left @henrycavill Superman,” Garcia captioned the post, which was also “liked” by Jim Lee of DC. Incidentally, Garcia is not just Cavill’s manager. She is the ex-wife and business partner of Black Adam star himself, Dwayne Johnson.

Meanwhile, the actor will have more options to play Superman if the Snyder Cut becomes a big success on HBO Max, Warner Bros streaming platform. The film has a release schedule for early 2021.

Cavill responds to the rumors

In July, Cavill spoke with Variety about the Superman rumors. He said that the stories he’s been reading online have been both “extraordinary and sometimes frustrating.”

At that time, the actor wanted to make it clear that he hasn’t had any conversations with DC or Warner Bros. However, he admits that he loves the excitement of the fans around his character.

“That means they want to see the character again,” the actor said. “And in an ideal world, I would absolutely love to play the character again.”

For now, however, Henry Cavill can’t don the Superman suit yet. He’s currently busy on the set of The Witcher season 2 for Netflix. The series recently restarted production, amid the COVID-19 delays, with a planned filming completion by February 2021.

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