‘Hercules’ live-action remake: Russo Brothers, Dave Callaham as part of production

Animated film up for a 'Hercules Live-Action Remake'

Disney is kickstarting a project that will see the 1997 animated film, Hercules, as a live-action remake, to be produced by the Russo brothers and written by Dava Callaham.

Experienced directors Anthony and Joe Russo are tapped to produce the live adaptation. Movie buffs would recall the siblings for their directorial of the hit Marvel movies, Infinity War and Endgame.

The brothers are reportedly going to produce the remake via their company, AGBO Production.

Highly-acclaimed Directors

While the Russo brothers are stepping back in the directorial role for the project, the two siblings are going to be hands-on to a different undertaking. Their next directorial project involves the film, Cherry, which stars Spider-Man’s Tom Holland.

Recently, the Russo brothers were credited for directing a Netflix-exclusive film, featuring Chris Hemsworth, titled Extraction.

As per The Hollywood Reporter, Dave Callaham will pen the remake. Aside from being creative, Callaham also has a fair share of the camera. Moviegoers would recall him for the role of Shang-Chi in Marvel as well as in Doom and The Expendables.

Plans Still Ongoing

However, as the project is still in its planning stages, there is not yet a confirmed director to lead the direction of the supposed remake. Furthermore, there is no casting yet, as of writing.

Viewers of Disney’s Hercules would remember the animation for showcasing musical aspects. There is no confirmation of whether or not the live adaptation will also be musical in nature. Considering Callaham’s creative privileges, however, the suspicion is strong that it will have at least action scenes to it.

Disneys embarking into making live remakes is not without good reason, though. Drawing from the big success of 2017’s Beauty and the Beast, there’s no wonder that Disney is trying to cash in from its existing library. The Lion King, being an exception, however, as it gets a photorealistic CGI and not actual beasts as part of the cast.

Live-action remakes of its pre-existing IPs is but just one of the initiatives, however. Aside from repurposing old classics for modern audiences, Disney also appears keen in putting sequels.

A Timeless Classic

Hercules is Disney’s 35th full-length animated film and was released in 1997. The film follows the story of Hercules, son of Zeus, beginning from his childhood until his adulthood. It depicts, among other themes, the struggle of becoming a hero through overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds.

The protagonist, Hercules, is a character loosely-based on the ancient Greco-Roman persona, Heracles.

Image used courtesy of YouTube/Disney

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