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Here are the best PS5 horror games ranked in January 2021


These amazing PS5 horror games are anticipated in 2021 as players buckle up and choose their luck to play these eye-grabbing visuals.

So you have got yourself a fancy new PlayStation, and now you want to divulge into some horror games. Right? These PS5 horror games are the best games you can enjoy playing on Sony’s next-generation console.

Top PS5 horror games ranked in January 2021

Observer: System Redux

The Bloober team has completely revamped their old game. The new Observer: System Redux is for PlayStation and Xbox Series X players. There is a definitive way for newcomers to enjoy this spooky fest now.

Featuring in a dark cyberpunk world, players have to explore and collect clues hidden in objects. Some of the most stunning inclusion of ray tracing and visual treats are in this game for players. It is undoubtedly a plus.

This game has a sci-fi feel to it and helps players choose their weapon to fight off. Players have to play on chances of survival in every stage of this game.

Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 has already won the fans’ impression by producing picture-perfect graphics and a unique visual representation.

With praises from open-world gaming, there are zombie slaying gameplay and a branching narrative.

The best thing which captures the player’s attention is the various ways through which one can move out from a situation.

This game is undoubtedly a treat to those waiting to be thrilled with cut and chase narrative.

Dying Light 2 teasers have been an excellent addition for 2021 for fans. It is still in development for PC, PS4, PS5, and even Xbox Series.

Martha is Dead

Martha is Dead can be counted as a bit of a strange game. It is a PS5 photorealistic game with stunning graphics, as the developers have indeed made their prime focus on that.

It was first declared that Martha is Dead was going to be released on PlayStation. Later it came out that the game was going to make a debut through Xbox.

Apart from the muddy release history, this is one of the most original releases in 2021.

Set in the aftermaths of World War 2, this particular game takes the role of Martha. Players have to play as her as she wants to find out the killers behind her sister’s brutal death.

Billed as a psychological horror, Martha is Dead is creepy enough, even in the trailer.

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