Here’s how the iPhone 12 will beat all Android phones

Here's how the iPhone 12 will beat all Android phones

The leaked benchmark results for the A14 Bionic chip shows just how much of an edge the iPhone 12 will have over Android phones when it is released.

Apple has not confirmed the existence of the iPhone 12 as of yet but the world is pretty much aware of its existence. That is all thanks to the devoted analysts and leakers that continue to provide updates regarding the aforementioned device.

Now, it would seem that another leak has surfaced and it’s sure to rile up a few Apple enthusiasts out there.

Powering up the iPhone 12

Every Apple generation is an improvement of the last. This is especially true for the iPhone especially with the release of the iPhone 11 last year. However, one of the biggest reasons for these improvements is the chips that powered these mobile devices.

For the iPhone 11, that chip is none other than the A13 Bionic. When Apple released the A13 Bionic inside their devices, no one could deny how powerful the chip had been. Compared to its strongest competitor, the Snapdragon 865 that powers up the most powerful Android devices, it’s already miles away.

But the already powerful chip is about to get more powerful with the all-new A14 Bionic. Apple’s new chip, also known as the world’s first 5nm chipset, is all set to power up the iPad Air 2020 and the iPhone 12.

Leaked A14 benchmark

Ice Universe, an industry insider of good repute, had recently leaked the GeekBench results of the A14 chip. While it’s a no-brainer that the chip would be more powerful than its predecessor, the results are still better than expected.

As usual, the chip was tested on both the single-core and multi-core scoring 1,583 and 4,198 respectively.

The iPhone 11 Pro’s result was not that far-off with 1,337 for single-core and 3,509 for multi-core. However, should Apple release the iPhone 12, it looks like the device will be 18% faster on the single-core and up to 30% on the multi-core than its predecessor.

But how does it compare to the currently most powerful Android chip? Well, the Snapdragon 865’s benchmark results weren’t low with 973 single-core, 3346 multi-core. However, the gap between the A14 and the Snapdragon is considerably wide.

This means that the iPhone 12 could indeed destroy all of its Android competitors in terms of processing power.

The problem

Unfortunately, there is also a catch. While Apple did a massive upgrade on the A14 Bionic, the company also made a considerable downgrade for the iPhone 12. Based on recent leaks and reports, Apple has cut down on the battery capacity of the upcoming device.

In fact, Apple has reportedly cut down 10% of the iPhone 12 lineup’s battery power. Considering this, the A14 Bionic could run hindered because of the decrease in battery power.


Featured image courtesy of Drew Coffman/Unsplash


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