Here’s what ‘Among Us’ would look like with realistic high-powered graphics

Ever wondered what a realistic Among Us would look like with insane graphics? Well, one fan recreated the game using Unreal Engine 4, and the results are jaw-dropping.

Despite its overly simple design and graphics, Among Us has proven to be one of the biggest games of 2020. But one might wonder what the game would look like with high-powered graphics. Luckily, the game’s popularity had attracted a number of adoring fans, one of which is known for recreating popular games with advanced graphics.

An ultra-realistic Among Us

In a video titled I Made Among Us And It Will Destroy Your PC, YouTuber Fat Dino showcased his most recent project, an ultra-realistic version of the popular social deduction game.

For this project, Fat Dino used Unreal Engine 4 to recreate Innersloth’s hit. The independent content creator brought a realistic version of The Skeld, the game’s most popular map. But due to time constraints, he was only able to recreate half of the map. But the results are still jaw-dropping.

In the video, viewers could see The Skeld’s areas, namely the cafeteria, engine rooms, electrical room, medbay, security, and the reactor, with detailed textures and dynamic lighting.

Recreating the game’s mechanics

But Fat Dino didn’t just limit himself to recreating The Skeld. In fact, he also made realistic astronaut models and even added some of the game’s basic tasks.

These tasks include fixing the wires, the much-hated swiping the admin card, and dumping trash. Apart from that, there is also a medscan task that would help players prove they’re not the impostor.

Furthermore, Fat Dino also recreated the game’s most important feature: chat. With the chat feature’s addition, the YouTuber’s version of Among Us feels exactly like the original game. But unlike the original, his version comes with insane graphics that could rival many top-notch games.

Late bloomer

Among Us recently surpassed 217 million downloads. And while its success is enormous, it’s rise to fame was excruciatingly slow. In fact, the game was already two years old before it gained any kind of attraction.

But the long wait and Innersloth’s patience definitely paid off big time. The pandemic forcing people inside their homes definitely helped in making the game a success.

Not only that, many prominent names and figures from varying industries and niches have come together to play the game. From the likes of PewDiePie to celebrities like Logic, and even Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have all played the game.

With many independent creators recreating the game as a form of tribute and the rise of several Among Us knock-offs proves just how big the game has become.


Featured image courtesy of Vistin aeo/Shutterstock

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