Here’s what you need to know about rookie girl group aespa

SM Entertainment’s new girl group aespa talked about its debut ahead of the release of Black Mamba.

On November 17, after the release of Black Mamba, SM Entertainment’s newest girl group aespa shared their thoughts on their debut.

The first on futuristic concept

aespa is a four-membered girl group under SM Entertainment that expresses a futuristic avatar concept.

Black Mamba is its debut single and is a powerful dance song with signature strong bass, synthesizer sound, and the catchy hook of an enchanting spell of music.

The song’s lyrics introduce a unique world of aespa in which Black Mamba is the threatening villain that is blocking the connection between aespa members and “æ” avatars.

Mixed emotions on their way

Karina commented before their debut that she could not believe it was real. She could feel the pressure but the urge to show the people worldwide a good song and a more robust performance was heightened. Giselle added that it felt strange and new at the same time.

The fact that many people are expressing their interest in them makes them work harder. She also wanted to keep showing how she will grow more in aespa.

Winter expressed her excitement to show everyone the performance she and the group practiced for so long.

She aims to become someone who can convey a bright and cheerful image to the people as aespa’s Winter.

Ningning added that she was grateful for those people who cheered on them with every teaser that the group dropped. She wanted to stand on stage as soon as the COVID-19 pandemic ends.

The official fans club of aespa

Ningning wanted to sing and dance and wanted the band to give an excellent performance, and she also hopes that everyone will enjoy it.

SM Entertainment confirmed that the fans club of aespa is known as “MY,” which is pronounced like the English word.

Black Mamba by aespa is already available on different music sites on November 17. SM Entertainment’s YouTube and Naver TV channels also simultaneously released the music video.


Image courtesy of SMTOWN/YouTube Screenshot

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