Hero abilities to watch out for in ‘Valorant’

Riot Games’ Valorant is going to fully launch on June 2, and many are expecting an influx of new players coming to the game. There are a lot of mechanics to learn in the game, but it’s the agents that newcomers should be more knowledgeable about.

It’s no secret that the stars of the game are the Valorant agents themselves. Aside from each one having their own personalities, each of the agents also have unique abilities that they can use in battle. When it comes to turning the tide of the match, it’s the ultimate that players will have to rely on. Here are some of the ultimate abilities that players should watch out for in the game.

Neural Theft

Cypher is the ultimate spy in the game, and her Neural Theft ultimate ability can easily turn the tides of the battle with a well-coordinated team. Neural Theft reveals the location of the enemy team, but the catch is that Cypher needs to find a corpse of an enemy player first before the ability is used. However, once the enemy team’s location is revealed, it will be easier to beat them.


There are no respawns in Valorant, so if a player dies at the beginning of the round, they will be completely down for the count. However, it players have Sage on their team, one of the members has a second chance. Sage’s Ressurection allows her to bring back any teammate from the dead so long as she can reach that teammate’s body.

This is a great ultimate ability as it can even the numbers or even put the opposing team at a disadvantage. However, since this is such a great skill, Sage is often the first target of enemies.

Run It Back

Phoenix’s Run It Back allows him to mark the ground which he can return to after a certain time. He will also return to the marked ground if he dies, hence his name Phoenix. On their first life, players can use Phoenix to scout for the enemy team. If used effectively, Run It Back is also great for flanking enemies.

There are currently 10 agents to choose from in Valorantand knowing the strength and weaknesses of each win could be the key to victory. These ultimate abilities are truly game-changing to players should watch out for them, or they could use these to their advantage as well.


Image used courtesy of Valorant/Facebook

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