‘Heroes of the Storm’ news and update: Mei joins roster

Heroes of the Storm is already jam-packed with some amazing and memorable characters from Blizzard’s library of games. The next addition to the roster is Overwatch’s local ice queen herself.

Blizzard recently revealed that Mei is coming to Heroes of the StormShe will join the likes of D.Va, Zarya, Junkrat, Lucio, and more that’s already a part of the game. Like her Overwatch counterpart, Mei’s specialty will be freezing enemies in place with her gun. Here’s everything we know about Mei.

Release date

Mei is currently available in the public test server of the game, so players can try her out now. She is scheduled to hit the live servers this June 23.


While she serves as one of the best damage heroes in Overwatch, Mei will be a tank in the mobs. This means like Zarya and D.va, she should be on the front lines as she is capable of taking heavy damage from the enemy team. Aside from her transition from DPS to tank, Mei remains pretty much the same in the MOBA.

As she brings her kit to the MOBA, Mei is now one of the best crowd controllers currently. Aside from the fact that she can freeze enemies in place simply by attacking, Mei can use her Ice Wall ability to prevent the progress of mobs and enemy teams. If used correctly, she can also disrupt the ultimate of other heroes. It’s safe to say that Overwatch players will feel at home with Mei in Heroes of the Storm.

Mei’s ultimate ability remains the same. She summons her trusty companion to start a blizzard in a small area. Affected enemies will be slowed before being frozen. They will also take damage throughout the duration of the blizzard. This can be a great ultimate ability to use if the enemies are on the offensive.

Aside from her usual skills, Mei will also be getting some new ones. One sees her throwing a snowball which damages and slows enemies at the same time. Her other new ability is a slide tackle that knocks back and deals damage to any enemy that gets hit along the way.

Mei looks to be a great addition to the roster of Heroes of the Storm. While she’s still in the public test servers, it’s best to try her out now so that players will know her weaknesses and strengths once she reaches the live servers.


Image used courtesy of Blizzard/YouTube

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