Hideo Kojima “feels a lot of affection and affinity towards the PC”


Hideo Kojima seems to appreciate PC gamers a lot. According to an interview, he notes how he feels a “lot of affection and affinity towards the PC”.

When Death Stranding first came to PC, Hideo Kojima made sure that it’s as perfect as it can be. Even for a divisive title, most PC players answered back with kudos and well-wishes. Hideo Kojima noticed that and notes how much he loves the platform.

Kojima perfected PC port for Death Stranding

Death Stranding first arrived in 2020 on PC, with all the bells and whistles ready. Features like DLSS-ready, smooth operations, little bugs, ultrawide support, and even graphical improvements came to. The game also had more than its console counterparts.

The PC version of Death Stranding had extra side quests. The Steam version included collecting Half-Life and Portal memorabilia after the apocalypse. It’s as good of a PC game as it gets, and many people on the platform appreciated that.

In a recent interview, Kojima discussed his decision-making process for the port. From his design perspectives to his direction style, he talked about his affinity for PC.

“When I first started in this industry,” said Kojima. “I worked on PC games. It was quite a while before I started to make games for consoles, so I feel a lot of affection and affinity towards the PC.

“Games are developed on PCs, after all. But PlayStation gamers and core PC users are a different market, and the reason Death Stranding is being released on PC is a simple desire for as many people as possible to be able to play the game. What I’m most proud of is the fact that we created and brushed up the PC version or release ourselves. That’s something that’s usually outsourced, so it’s a point of pride for us.”

Kojima calls PC players “pretty vocal and opinionated”

In the interview, Hideo Kojima also talked about how difficult it is to satisfy the PC player base. He notably called them “pretty vocal and opinionated about games,” most likely due to losing out to consoles while getting buggy and inferior ports.

He made sure to catch compatibility and improved controls. Kojima admitted that he’s not very good at playing keyboard and mouse. These stem from his years of focusing on consoles, specifically the Playstation.

“I’m not really good at playing the game with a mouse,” Kojima detailed, “but the PC version had to support mouse controls, of course, but configuring them was tricky. I left that to our staff, though.”

Hideo Kojima also detailed that current technology is his inspiration for Death Stranding. He noted how, even with all the technology humanity has right now, that people are lonelier than before.

Featured image courtesy of 505 Games/Twitter

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