Highlight’s Lee Gikwang officially discharged from the military

Highlight’s Gikwang is now officially discharged from his mandatory military service.

On November 18, the agency of Lee Gikwang, Around Us Entertainment, stated that he enlisted in April of last year. He is now discharged after completing his service, working as a conscripted policeman.

Following the COVID-19 protocols, Lee Gikwang commences his final leave and discharge without returning to the army base.

Lee Gikwang is excited to meet his fans

He said that he is so happy that he safely finished his mandatory military service on November 17.

His military discharge day seems so far away for him in full honesty, but it surprised and amazed him because the day already came.

Gikwang continued that he is proud, for he can now proudly present himself in front of his fans. He can spend the rest of his time together with them, and it is what makes him more excited and pleased.

Expressing his gratitude

He also expressed his gratitude to his fellow soldiers, leaders, and fans who waited for his return. Also, he is grateful for his members who are always with him. He will be working hard to greet the fans with the best version of himself in the future.

Lee Gikwang is Highlight’s third member to be discharged from the mandatory military service. Earlier this year, Yoon Doojoon finished his service in April and Yang Yoseob in August.

Lee Gikwang talks about upcoming plans

Yang Yoseob wanted to have an online concert before 2020 is over. He hoped that everything would get better soon so he can also meet his fans.

Ever since on military service, he kept aiming to have a solo concert. After being discharged, he is in talks about his plans regarding his solo career this year.

Lastly, Lee Gikwang held a V Live broadcast on November 19, talking about his upcoming plans.


Image courtesy of 1theK (원더케이)/YouTube Screenshot

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