Highlight’s Yang Yoseob pairs up with ‘The Star’: revealed upcoming concert

Yang Yoseob of Highlight participated in a photoshoot with The Star magazine.

Highlight’s Yang Yoseob was in a photoshoot under the theme of “begin again” and posed with various flowers. His unique charm mesmerizes his fans with his youthful looks.

Reminiscing the past while on military

In August, Yang Yoseob recently came from his mandatory military service and participated in a photoshoot again.

It has been a long time since he did a photoshoot and felt lonely doing solo activities, and he also misses his fellow band members a lot.

Yoseob shared that recently, he is practicing for his upcoming musical The Days, and he is continually trying to create opportunities to meet his fans.

Singing is his strength

When asked about his singing strength, he believes that he has steel vocal cords and is more sensitive to anyone when it comes to his vocals.

Yoseob is always making sure that he thoroughly takes care of it because he is Highlight’s main vocalist.

Yang Yoseob also shared his plans for his next solo album. He is preparing since last year, and he thinks carefully about the pieces of music he creates to produce the best music.

As soon as possible, he wants his fans to hear his music and hopes that they would be patient to wait for it.


Yang Yoseob feels anxious and uneasy

In the military, he felt anxious or uneasy because there are many new idols. But, before he entered the service, he always thought that no one could replace him.

After realizing some things, everything was all-natural, and he started to feel at ease. All he wanted to do is the things he is good at.

Lastly, the one thing that he wanted to do is to have an online concert before 2020 ends.

He hopes that everything will be better soon so that he can meet his fans. Yoseob is also planning to have a solo concert since the beginning of the year.

Image courtesy of KBS World/YouTube Screenshot

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